Keep Calm And Enjoy Cleaning

Keep Calm And Enjoy Cleaning

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I despise cleaning. I really do. When I do clean, I use eco-friendly products. I’ve tried the chemical cleaners and it is so tempting to just buy the brands you see at the store but they usually irritate my eyes, lungs and make me dizzy.

There are times when I turn to cleaning just to give myself a chance to clear my head and de-stress. Now that I’ve tried a brand of cleaning products made with essential oils, I find that I can calm down and unwind when I clean!

I know, it’s amazing!

The first time I used AspenClean products, I was actually stressed and a bit depressed. I decided to use the time to clean and give myself a chance to step away from the situation. Cleaning was so much fun. I got to try new products and figure out how to use them. Not only that, they didn’t smell of chemicals. They smelled good!

Meet AspenClean:

AspenClean Products

I received the Whole House Cleaning Kit, Dish Soap with Organic Geranium & Orange Essential Oils and SuperScrub Powder with Organic Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oils!

The Whole House Cleaning Kit is the perfect starter kit! It comes with 8 products that include 4 natural cleaners and 4 color-coded microfiber cloths.

AspenClean Kitchen

You can clean the kitchen with the Kitchen Cleaner and All Purpose Cleaner. I mainly used the Kitchen Cleaner on the stove top and used the All Purpose Cleaner for the countertops and any other hard surface.

You can clean the bathroom the All Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner and Glass Cleaner. I use the All Purpose Cleaner to wipe down the counter. The Bathroom Cleaner cleans our sink and tub. The Glass Cleaner is used to clean the mirrors!

AspenClean Bathroom

The SuperScrub Powder with Organic Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oils comes in handy when I need an extra scrub product. I found myself using the SuperScrub Powder in the sink and tub!

I love using the Dish Soap with Organic Geranium & Orange Essential Oils! It is so nice to smell a unique scent when cleaning dishes. I also use a bit of soap and sponge to quickly clean the kitchen counters with quick messes.

I love cleaning with microfiber cloths! I literally use microfiber to dust, replace paper towels (as often as I can), clean up spills, cleaning the bathroom, mirrors, windows and more! I really do appreciate that the Whole House Cleaning Kit comes with color-coded microfiber cloths. Now I know which cloths to use for each surface.

All of AspenClean products are made with essential oils. Have you tried essential oils? The essential oils that they use are effective in cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing.

You can find AspenClean on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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