I Spy With My Little Eye Kindergarten Fun

I Spy With My Little Eye Kindergarten Fun

My oldest son just turned 5 this past February and after years of his countless asking, Kindergarten is on the horizon. My son has been anxiously awaiting the day to begin school and we are excited. I also know we need to spend some time fine-tuning some of his skills needed for the impending school year though. We have turned to some of our favorite board games to accomplish this. I can’t wait to share them with you!

I Spy, Dig In

How can board games possibly be beneficial when preparing for kindergarten?

For a while, I thought the same thing until I finally realized, just because a game comes with directions it doesn’t mean you have to follow those directions completely. Especially when it comes to toddlers! By changing the objective of the game to match what age level or goal you are trying to achieve from the game, it becomes an amazing tool in helping with little one’s education.

I won’t lie to you though, playing board games with toddlers can be daunting. That is another reason I found that altering the rules/objective of the game to cater to our needs beneficial. It teaches turn-taking, the ability to sit and focus at the task at hand, even to work towards an end result. Playing board games gets everyone together for a fun time and it also opens the opportunity to teach your child how to react when we win as well as when we lose.

Playing board games with toddlers can take some prep work BUT the end result is worth it. At least for me, it is.

I Spy, Dig In

I Spy has been around forever it seems like but when I got the opportunity to check out an actual game based on the books I grew up on, I could not pass it up. The game, I Spy Dig In comes with 128 objects, 6 double-sided playing cards, a timer and the “bowl” that the objects go into.

Each of the I Spy Dig In double-sided cards has 6 images of items within the “bowl” of varying colors that you are to find within a set amount of time. This is great for hand and eye coordination, pincer grasping, fine motor skills, and direction taking.

I Spy Dig In Simplified Game

Modifying I Spy Dig In for Little One’s Needs

When I first started this game with my toddlers, (ages 5,4, and 2.5 years old), I picked one of every object and put the rest away. We started out with just finding the object and ignoring the color entirely. We did NOT time it. I wanted them to figure out the objective of the game without the rush or the confusion of the colors.

After we accomplished finding the objects for what they were, I then separated ALL of the objects into 4 bowls. One bowl for each color. We then began playing by finding the object from the playing card for both what the object was as well as the color it is on the playing card. Again, no timer so that they could get comfortable with the added concept to I Spy Dig In.

I Spy Dig In Game pieces

Finally, we added all of the objects together in the container that came with the game and we started to play the game as it was originally intended to be played. It was so much fun to see them race the clock and find the objects on their playing card.

To take out the competition of the game, we would laugh at our silliness and then look at the objects they would first grab. We then would compare the similarities and differences.

Why I Spy, Dig In?

I Spy Dig In gives the perfect opportunity to prepare for Kindergarten because it works on turn taking, similarities/differences, fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination! I Spy Dig In also opens the doorway on teaching patience and extra time working on colors! My kids and I absolutely love I Spy Dig In, especially after breaking it down and working up to the full intent of the game, as I explained above.

Looking to buy I Spy Dig In? So far I have found it at Amazon, Kohls, Walmart, and several other retailers. Let me know in the comments below, where you have found I Spy, Dig In.

What are some of your favorite ways to prepare for Kindergarten?

Keep an eye out for the next fun board game I like to use in our preparation for the impending Kindergarten school year. 🙂

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