How to Relieve a Cold

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How to Relieve a Cold

The holiday season is here! Thanksgiving may be over and Christmas is right around the corner! My husband and son were sick in early November. It really worried me because I don’t have time to get sick. Thankfully, my husband and I rarely get sick and when we do, it is usually at staggering times. We cannot be sick at the same time because one of us has to care for our son.

To help prevent getting sick, I give my son a daily vitamin and an immune booster. Regardless, he usually brings something home. My husband is also susceptible to getting sick at work. If either one of them brings something home, I do my best to stay healthy.

Just last week, I started to feel a tickle in my throat. I use essential oils to help with overall stress and heal my body and also have DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe on hand to help reduce my symptoms and get that much needed sleep at night.

DIY Essential Oil blends

My favorite essential oils recipes to use when we are sick:

Lemon Oil blended with a carrier oil*
Lavender Oil blended with a carrier oil*
Orange Essential Oil blended with a carrier oil*
Eucalyptus Essential Oil blended with a carrier oil*
Tea Tree Oil blended with a carrier oil*

*Carrier Oils include: jojoba oil, coconut oil or argan oil

You can use one essential oil or mix a few oils together to create your own blend. It is up to you. I use a few drops of carrier oil and a few drops of my chosen essential oils on a cotton ball or cotton pad and apply to my neck, spine, behind my ears and on my wrists.

Another option is to use an oil diffuser. Just add a few drops of your chosen essential oils.

When I want to clean and disinfect my home, I use Tea Tree Oil and/or Lemon Essential Oil mixed with water to sanitize around our home! This is an easy, chemical free, DIY, natural way to clean. As an added bonus of using essential oils to clean, when you clean with essential oils, it smells fresh and clean!

As a busy mom and wife, I don’t have time for sick days! Thanks to DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe I can power through the day. When I take DayQuil Severe during the day, it helps relieve my symptoms so I can get my work done!  NyQuil Severe helps me sleep at night.

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You can find more information regarding DayQuil Severe or NyQuil Severe on their website and Twitter.

Note: I received several comments asking about the ice cub tray.  It is called the TrueZoo Snowflake Ice Cube Tray and you can buy it on Amazon.

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  1. stacy says

    Great advice!! I have bought a few but needed advice on how to use them!!

  2. Wendy Pence says

    This is gonna come in handy during that nasty winter weather that’s coming up!

  3. Excellent advice! I am sorry to hear that your husband and son were sick…that’s definitely no fun.

    I am going to have to try essential oils – I haven’t yet, but it sounds like they do help. Thanks!

  4. I love essential oils too!!!

    There’s especially no time to be sick during the holidays.

  5. I always have Vicks on hand because there’s no time to let sickness slow me down.

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