How to Efficiently Clean Your Indoor Air

How to Efficiently Clean Your Indoor Air

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My family and I spend the majority of our time at home, which is one of the reasons why I love keeping houseplants in our home since they help clean our indoor air. My houseplant collection is situated in our living room. I would love a huge plant in each of the bedrooms but that would be a mess and we don’t have adequate light or space for a plant.

Thus, I have been in search of the perfect air purifier for my family.

When our son was an infant, I bought an air purifier and it lasted a few years. I loved it because it was easy to clean and no filters to replace. It worked great and I feel that it kept our indoor air clean!

QuietClean® Tower Air Purifier HFD230B

The QuietClean® Tower Air Purifier HFD230B from Honeywell is perfect for our bedrooms. As a wife and mom, it is my job to keep my family healthy! I am very pleased thus far as it is so quiet to operate. It has 3 levels of to choose from and I keep it on the lowest setting. The tower has a built-in handle so I can quickly and easily lift and move to another room.

QuietClean® Tower Air Purifier HFD230B indicator lights

What I adored about my last air purifier is that I didn’t need to buy filters and that’s what I love about the QuietClean® Tower Air Purifier HFD230B! I love that the air purifier also notifies me when I need to clean the filters as opposed with my other tower; I had to guess or keep checking them every so often.

The patented 3-step filtration system captures up to 99% of airborne allergens such as dust, pollen, tobacco smoke and pet dander. Dirty air is drawn into the purifier by a powerful, ultra quiet fan where it then passes through a pre-filter trapping larger particles and finally through the high performance filter that captures the microscopic particles. The permanent filters are easily rinsed clean in water, saving money on replacement filters. An optional, replaceable odor and VOC reducing pre-filter is also included giving the user the choice of added cleaning and freshening. The sleek, new design features touch button electronic controls illuminated by blue, dimmable LED’s.

Setting up the QuietClean® Tower Air Purifier HFD230B is quick and easy. All I had to do was unpack it from the box, add the additional filter (optional) in the back and plug it in! The tower was already assembled and ready to go! Since it is an Energy Star appliance, I have no worries keeping it running all day and night. Of course, I do turn it off and unplug it when we are not at home.

Check out the study and online checklist.

The Top Ten Most Common VOCs and the household products that they are associated with:

1.     Formaldehyde – Released by various off-gassing sources such as wood-based building materials including particleboard, fiberboard, floor lacquers and certain molded plastics as well as some latex paints, varnishes, wallpapers, cardboard and paper products.

2.     Terpenes (pinene and limonene) – Released by consumer products with fragrance such as cleaning products, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, hand sanitizers, personal care products, baby shampoo, and soaps.

3.     Ethanol – Released by household cleaning agents such as glass cleaners, dishwashing and laundry detergent, disinfectants, fabric softeners, and deodorizers.

4.     Dichlorobenzene – Released by deodorizers and mothballs. Like terpenes, Dichlorobenzene is rarely found in outdoor air samples, indicating the source is predominantly from indoor consumer goods.

5.     Benzene – Released by gasoline combustion and some paints. Indoor levels can be impacted by an attached garage and outdoor sources such as traffic, coal-fired power plants and other industrial sources. The EPA has classified benzene as a known human carcinogen.

6.     Toluene – Released by paints or gasoline solvents. Indoor levels are associated with attached garages and emissions from idling vehicles.

7.     Acetone – Released from nail polish remover, oil paint, furniture polish, wallpaper and carpet glues.  

8.     Carbon disulfide – Released by chlorinated tap water for drinking, washing dishes, clothing or showering. Use of chlorinated water and bleach containing products also result in increased levels of chloroform.

9.     Butanal – Released by tobacco smoking and other indoor combustion sources such as cooking stoves, candle burning, and barbeques using charcoal or wood.

10.  Xylene – Released by vehicles, either traffic emissions or vehicles idling in an attached garage or nearby.

You can find the QuietClean® Tower Air Purifier HFD230B at Best Buy and Target.

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  1. Have you noticed a difference in your home? I’ve always wondered about these. I literally have to sweep my house everyday because there’s dust and other little things on the floors that I don’t know how in the hell they got there. So I know there is dust floating everywhere.

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