The Fascinating World Of Holistic Wellness Through Chakras & Auras

If you had asked me months ago if I believed in the holistic healing through the energy of auras and chakras, I would have laughed. But after speaking to a few friends and doing some research, I found it completely fascinating and I wanted to learn as much as I can.

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What are Auras & Chakras

Set the intention to get in touch with your higher self and receive wisdom with gratitude.

Earth’s Elements

Auras are a form of energy that someone emits. Many people describe it as a ‘vibe‘ that they get from a person. For example, ‘she makes me nervous‘ or ‘I feel safe around him‘. Yet it is something that not everyone believes in or holds a similar interpretation of.

It is said that people emit a low level of electricity that is shown in 7 layers. Each layer has its own color and meaning and plays a role in your influence around others.

Some people express being able to see these auras as a sphere shape around a person, like a bubble of light.

After researching what ‘spiritual advisors’ see, it was described as a fuzzy white light. With training and practice, spiritual advisors have been able to see these colors by softening and squinting their eyes. This takes a lot of time meditating and being able to focus a great deal.

The layers of colors correspond to your chakras. Chakras are the energy points on your body. Some auras emitted from your chakras are brighter than others and they can even change over time. You can cleanse your auras with daily positive affirmations, meditation and a visualization of cleansing through deep breathing techniques.

With time and practice, so many people have found a greater sense of peace, balance and over all healthy well-being. With all the negative energy spewing into our world, its no wonder people are looking to cleanse and purify!

The Right Holistic Tools

Oils, crystals & smudges play a large role when it comes to holistic cleansing. Earth’s Elements has a stunning selection of just about anything you need to help find your inner peace when cleansing your auras.

Earth’s Elements essential oils are organic, pure and very high quality. The Organic Frankincense is an earthy smelling oil that is ideal for spiritual and meditative practices. It even has medicinal properties that act as an anti-inflammatory & antiseptic and can be used topically with a carrier oil.

Fluorite facilitates mental enhancement and clarity, improves decision making, cleans the energy fields.

Earth’s Elements

One of my favorites are Earth’s Elements roll ons. They are absolutely stunning and would make a wonderful gift to just about anyone. The topical roll ons contain fluorite gemstones that are charged, and even the roller ball is a crystal. They are a soothing blend of therapeutic oils that each have a purpose. I was able to enjoy the Intuition Organic Roll On that had a lovely scent of patchouli and lavender. Simply apply it to your chakra or pulse points and let it help quiet your mind and allow you to reach a higher sense of clarity.

…crystals holds their own unique energy. When they come in contact with your energetic field, it can help raise your vibration, increase your mood, and improve your overall well-being.

Earth’s Elements

The Organic Palo Santo Spray is an elixir that you can spray on your body to help cleanse your auras or spray in a room to clear negative energy. The blue glass bottle helps protect the oils and it contains crystals infused with fluoride. The Organic Palo Santo Spray not only clears the negative energy, but it helps gain clarity on all levels. It is also used to help with grounding and re-awakening a space.

Are you ready to tap into your inner self to find peace and overall well-being?

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