High Quality Glasses with Affordable Low Prices

High Quality Glasses and Sunglasses that Come at an Affordable Low Price

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I’ve been wearing glasses for about four years; conveniently the same amount of time that my daughter has been alive. They weren’t kidding when they said that child birth would take away your best traits. With my little one; it seemed she sucked the iron out of my blood, took all of my Vitamin D, and zapped my eyesight. Unfortunately, I haven’t always had eye insurance so decent vision has been out of the question often.


Even with eye insurance through my employer, the traditional getting fitted and ordering glasses with the eye doctor was always a long and expensive process. My boyfriend, on the other hand, doesn’t have any insurance and his vision is worse than mine! So when he broke his glasses, having him fitted for glasses was completely off the table with the bills we had at the time.

EyeBuyDirect Offers High Quality Glasses with Affordable Prices

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Most online glasses companies have cheap frames and very few options that complement everyone’s face shape. Glasses should be an extension on one’s personally and should fit like a second pair of skin. EyeBuyDirect has an option to upload a picture of yourself and try on all their frames prior to purchase. If you still aren’t sure which pair to try, take their online quiz to find an awesome pair of frames! Flip through over 1,000 men’s and women’s frames to find one that you like. Once ordered, rest easy knowing you have a 14 day fitting period and a 12 month product replacement guarantee.

I was fortunate to try EyeBuyDirect and was able to order three pairs of eyeglasses and a pair of sunglasses. EyeBuyDirect’s mission statement is to provide everyone with fashionable glasses in different shapes and sizes to be worn for any occasion; all while being affordable. I got two pairs of eyeglasses for myself, one pair of eyeglasses for my boyfriend, and a pair of prescription sunglasses.

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The online order form was easy to follow and came with step by step instructions. I was able to create glasses to fit my exact everyday needs. I ordered a pair with Anti-Glare lenses for driving as well as a pair that reduces Blue Light and decreases Glare from computer screens. Each pair came carefully packed as to ensure there was no damage in transport. They also came with a carrying pouch that can double as a cleaning wipe and a use/care guide.

Even with all the extra’s added, I averaged about $100-$120 per pair which is a HUGE improvement from the usual $250 at the eye doctor!

Buy One Give One; One Action. Enormous Impact

Right now, there are 2.5 billion people who cannot see without aid. EyeBuyDirect offers a program partnered with Vision for Life that offers a new pair of glasses to an individual in need for each pair purchased.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend snapped one of the ear pieces off his glasses about two weeks into wearing them. He has a bad habit of wearing glasses in bed and falling asleep with them on. This time around, he had taken them off in his sleep and tucked them under his pillow. When he rolled over, we heard that dreaded *snap* sound. We ordered him a replacement pair from EyeBuyDirect and the order process was just as seamless and his new pair of glasses will arrive in about 10 days.

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