Hemp CBD Beauty: Are You Ready To Make The Switch?

The beauty world has embraced the cannabis industry hard this year. From serums, oils, masks to creams; you can find just about anything infused with CBD. With a huge push from consumers to go more clean and organic with skin care, it seems everyone has jumped on board the cannabis bandwagon, and we are so happy they did.

As you already may know, CBD alone won’t get you high like its well known counterpart THC. Yet the benefits have been promising, especially in the beauty world. CBD in general is less likely to cause skin irritation and its full of beneficial antioxidants and amino acids.

The amino acids and antioxidants in general are widely used in skin care. They help visibly repair damage and brighten your skin. A claim that has been repeatedly praised in the CBD beauty world. Since this claim, CBD products that assist with skincare have really taken off. There are now more businesses than ever trying to get more customers. For example, companies like Lazarus now advertise a Lazarus coupon for their customers to use, in order to promote their business. 

One of the biggest proven benefits of CBD in your skin care are the anti-inflammatory benefits. They are highly beneficial in treating skin concerns such as dryness from eczema, rosacea and environmental pollutants. CBD even helps reduce the amount of sebum secretion, which is an oily, waxy substance that your glands release that leads to breakouts.

Personally, I have replaced my skin care with CBD beauty products. I have noticed that my skin has been brighter, clearer and more hydrated. This has helped reduce the appearance of fine lines around my eyes and mouth and I barely have any break outs. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to make the switch?

CBD Eye Serum

MD Organics has a wide variety of CBD products for pain and beauty. I was excited to try some of their CBD skin care. MD Organics Fresh Eye Serum was an impressive & pleasant surprise. Its a cooling eye serum that absorbed quickly into my skin. The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate, so the Fresh Eye Serum did not tug at the skin when applying.

The Fresh Eye Serum contains over 30 beneficial flavonoids, terpenes, amino acids, omega 3&6 and essential oils. With 150mg of CBD in the Fresh Eye Serum, it will help reduce dark circles and puffiness and is ideal for all skin types.

Since eye serums are a crucial part of my personal skin care routine, it would be ideal to start using a serum like MD Organics Fresh Eye Serum before the signs of aging starts for preventative measures.

CBD Face Serum

MD Organics Fresh Face Serum is a light serum that I loved using as a cold cream. There were no added colors or fragrances which makes it ideal to use if you are sensitive to smells or dyes. The Fresh Face Serum absorbed quickly and did not sit heavy on top of my skin which is something I always look for in a face serum.

In addition to the 90mg of CBD hemp extract, terpenes and amino acids there are some amazing ingredients that are highly beneficial to your skin. Rose hip oil, milk thistle, peptides and citrus chamomile are an amazing addition to help keep your skin hydrated, bright and healthy.

The deep hydration provided in the Fresh Face Serum will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving you a more youthful and healthy glow.

CBD Body Salve

I love a good hemp salve. There are so many uses aside from easing joint and muscle pain. You can use salves for skin health to help hydrate dry skin from eczema, minor scrapes, abrasions and even bug bites.

MD Organics Rejoice hemp salve contains 500 MG of CBD, beeswax, lavender and eucalyptus oil. When you apply to an area of discomfort you immediately feel a cooling and tingling sensation. Its ideal to massage MD Organics Rejoice hemp salve into your skin for an added comfort when relieving pain or restoring hydration.

In general, salves last longer than creams or lotions. They are meant to be heavier to sit on top of your skin in order to protect you aliment. This means longer lasting relief.

Are you ready to make the switch to CBD beauty?

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