Help Santa remember Treats your Furry Friends this Year

Help Santa remember Treats your Furry Friends this Year!

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Our pets are treated as children and a huge part of our family. Currently, we have a Jack Russel named Sophie and a kitten named Trisha. I am unashamed to say that they both get wrapped presents from Santa and they both have a stocking on our fireplace. Sometimes, though, I have a hard time finding treats with natural ingredients to benefit their health. Personally, I have taken to using Hemp Oil and CBD Oil as natural alternatives to prescription medication and chemical packed salves. I wanted to incorporate this into my dog’s health as she has terrible allergies and itchy skin.

How can Hemp Oil and CBD Oil Treats Effect your Pets?

  • Treat inflammation: works wonders for pets who have arthritis or inflamed joints
  • Prevent anxiety: CBD treats are great for dogs who get anxious when left alone, in car rides, or during thunderstorms
  • Help prevent seizures
  • Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 to promote heart health

I’ve found a collection of natural treats and supplements perfect for your family’s pets

Olaganics Shiny Coat treats / Allergy Treats / Super-V Gravy Packets:


  • Shiny Coat Treats: Made with Fish Oil and Flax Seed – these bacon flavored supplements are easy for your pets to digest. No wheat or corn. No artificial colors or flavors. No animal by-products. No added sugar. Perfect for shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Allergy Treats: Bacon flavored soft chews. Supports respiratory and skin healing during seasonal changes. Functional botanicals and immune-enhancers to manages seasonal allergies. No wheat or corn. No artificial colors or flavors. No animal by-products. No added sugar. 
  • Super-V: Each serving provides daily vitamins & minerals, hip & joint care, skin & coat care and digestive care. Each packet is pre-measured and contains exact dosages. Simply pour over food

Duck Canard Jerky Treats:

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  • Grain Free jerky treats.  SPIKEâ„¢ Jerky treats contain superfoods chia, pomegranate and kale which makes them nutrient-rich, high in fiber and packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; perfect for playful and persuasive dogs. Free from by-products, added growth hormones, glycerin and artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

Treatibles Sweet Potato Treats / CBD oil dropper:

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  • Tator’s Sweet Potato Tots / Sweet Potato Hard Chews: I seriously squealed over these. Treatibles partnered with Villalobos to create a treat to help sweet Tator Tot and his health issues. $1 from each bag that is sold is donated to Villalobos to help with their veterinary expenses. Each chew is made with Chickpea Flour, Sweet Potato, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Tapioca, Molasses, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Sunflower Lecithin and contains 4 mg of full spectrum Hemp Oil
  • 90 MG Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Dropper: Made with Coconut Oil because of its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Combined with the many benefits of full spectrum hemp oil such as maintaining normal emotional balance and normal inflammatory response, instilling calm and vitality and promoting healthy joints and flexibility, makes it an excellent formula with both internal and topical applications.

FOMO Bones:

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  • CBD treats for dogs with anxiety. Made with 100% natural ingredients to help treat your pet’s anxiety during events such as being left home alone, thunderstorms, or aggression. Contains no THC and will not make your dog act ‘high’ or altered.

My dog has gone crazy for every single one of these with her favorite being the daily supplement for allergies and shiny coat. Sophie has terrible allergies and scratches/chews at her skin until the fur is missing and patchy. She literally dances around the kitchen when it’s time for her treats and eats them without issue. We have noticed that she’s itching less and her fur is much softer. We’ve been giving her FOMO Bones when she’s left alone during the day and we find that she is no longer having the ‘nervous piddles’ while we’re gone and it seems to have helped with her itchies.

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Decorating with your Pets for the Holidays:

Winston and Bear: 

  • Ornaments: The perfect way to decorate the tree! Customize by adding your pets name, choose from eight designs and one of four shapes. You can even add your pet’s picture! Made from high quality ceramic, 3 inches in size and including a gold ribbon, these bright designs featuring your fur baby will stand out, no matter where you choose to hang them.
  • I opted to have two ornaments made. One has a picture of our Sophie and the other has a picture of our boy, Baxter, who passed away after a tragic accident. Opening this ornament was a pleasant surprise and brought back sweet memories of our stinky boy (see a recent post about aromatherapy pet shampoo, featuring stinky boy).

Are you a crazy dog parent too? Let me know what presents are on your Christmas list for those fur babies!! Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for other furry friend options.


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