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Everyone has their favorite sleep position. Personally, I tend to sleep most often on my right side with my stomach to the mattress and the right side of my face smashed against the pillow. As a result, sometimes the upper eyelashes of my right eye don’t want to extend out to their fullest length. They can appear smashed or curled into the outer corner of my eye.

Sometimes I can coax them out with my mascara wand. But, other times not. Somehow, I don’t even know how long ago, my eyelash curler went missing. Just gone. But, JAPONESQUE® has come to the rescue with three neat curlers that I can stash literally everywhere!

JAPONESQUE Eyelash Curlers

I am really loving all three of these eyelash curlers for different reasons. I’ve always just used the standard kind that can be found in most stores. You know, the silver metal one with the scissor-like finger grip. I didn’t even realize that there were options!

Check out these three eyelash gadgets. I like each one for different reasons. So much so, in fact, that while my daughter & I usually share most things with each other, these will not be among them — and not just for hygienic reasons.

JAPONESQUE Eyelash Curlers-Professional Lash Curler

JAPONESQUE® Professional Lash Curler

The JAPONESQUE® Professional Lash Curler looks like all the standard eyelash curlers I’ve ever used, with those scissor-like handles I mentioned before. But, this item is made of a stylish black plastic material and is more sturdy-feeling in my hand than others I have used in the past.

The non-slip silicone pads won’t pinch or pull lashes. And I like the wide open cage that makes it easier to position the tool around lashes without missing any. An additional positive attribute is the extra silicone pad that is conveniently stored in the curler handle for easy and fast replacement when the one you’re using wears out.

These are the ones I keep in the drawer in my bathroom where I most often get ready to go out. You know that drawer. The one where we ladies keep all our random stuff — makeup, toothpaste, tweezers, hair bands, barrettes and hair clips, fingernail clippers and nail files, etc.

JAPONESQUE Eyelash Curlers-High Impact Eyelash Curler

JAPONESQUE® Double Pad HD High Impact Eyelash Curler

I particularly love the compactness of the JAPONESQUE® Double Pad HD High Impact Eyelash Curler. This one is perfect to stash in the makeup bag I keep in my purse for quick touch-ups to my lashes throughout the day. It will easily go everywhere you do. Don’t like to carry a purse? No problem. Stash it in your car, a desk drawer at work, or just slip it in the pocket of your pants. It folds completely flat!

Don’t let it’s small size fool you, either! This tiny tool is just as much a powerhouse as any bigger eyelash curling tool you will ever own. The special arch-shaped pads define the curl at the center of the eye, giving any length lashes a dramatic and long-lasting curl. In addition, an extra pad is conveniently tucked inside the curler.

JAPONESQUE Eyelash Curlers-Heated Mini Eyelash Curler

JAPONESQUE® Heated Mini Eyelash Curler

Really?! Japonesque, you had me at heated, the mini part is just a bonus! The JAPONESQUE® Heated Mini Eyelash Curler is just what the doctor ordered for those days that I wake up from a restful slumber to find those sometimes stubborn outer lashes not extending to their full glory from being smashed into my pillow all night.

No matter the reason your eyelashes might be hard to curl, the heated mini curler will coax those suckers out of their hiding place with gentle heat. You can use it before or after mascara application, whichever method works best for you.

JAPONESQUE Eyelash Curlers-Heated Mini Eyelash Curler

JAPONESQUE® Heated Mini Eyelash Curler

The sleek all-in-one design is battery powered, using one AAA battery (not included). Another product to suck up my budget on batteries, you say? Perhaps. But, I like not having to keep up with yet another charging cord! If I were to make a suggestion to JAPONESQUE® to improve this product, it might be to incorporate a charging port in future models to give users an option that suits their preferences. But it’s definitely not a deal-breaker for me! In addition to pink, this item is also available in a solid black option.

Who is JAPONESQUE®? A valid query, as I’d never heard of the company before giving their products a whirl. The company was founded almost 30 years ago. (How have I not heard of them before?!)

JAPONESQUE® has earned the reputation of creating the most versatile, innovative, and distinctive makeup brushes and beauty accessories in the industry. JAPONESQUE® products are crafted with precision in mind. Exceptional materials, superior craftsmanship, and their uncompromising standards have allowed them to create some of the most desired beauty accessories in the world for their customers. —– JAPONESQUE®

The three eyelash curlers discussed here are just a few of the ten options available. JAPONESQUE® isn’t all about eyelash curlers, either. They have many other products available, including cosmetic brushes and organizers, eyebrow tools, false lashes, as well as color cosmetics for eyes, lips and face. Personally, I’m eyeing the Pro Performance Lip Lacquers, available in 8 eye-popping shades. They even have items for baby! Check out these cutie-pie baby tools (just a few of the items available for your little beauty maven).


JAPONESQUE® Baby Beauty Tools
Photo Credit: JAPONESQUE®

I am very, very satisfied with the quality of JAPONESQUE® products and am very excited to try out some of their other offerings, starting with their fabulous lip lacquers. Also, having an adult daughter, my husband and I have already started a baby tote in which we’ve stashed some cute baby stuff for when our kids start their own families. I’m thinking I might just have to snag a few of these baby items to add to that tote at some point. They are just so cute!!!

Japonesque products can be found at many high-end salons, spas, beauty supply stores and specialty shops worldwide. You can check out their retail locator to see where their products are available.

What’s on your Beauty Wish List? Did you find something you need (or that just tickles your fancy) from JAPONESQUE®? Do share … please!!!

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Disclaimer: I was provided the eyelash curlers shown free of charge to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.










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