A Fun New Easter Tradition

When Easter comes around, my kids love 2 things; Easter egg hunts & decorating eggs. A day before Easter, I pull out all the egg decorating kits, cover my kitchen table with newspaper, and my kids get decorating. As a family we have so much fun. As a momma who is forever cleaning, I can only eyeball the mess. Yet the smiles & goofy fun they always seem to have, makes this activity a keeper & part of family tradition.

As with any tradition, small tweaks always make them more interesting & fun each year. From adding new ornaments to your Christmas tree or setting up new spooky decorations for Halloween, why not a new & fun addition to Easter?

A No Mess Easter Egg Decorating Kit??

Egg Mazing retails $25.99 USD

I have to admit. I was very skeptical. My 3 kids can be rough, so toys or activities can last .2 seconds sometimes. First thing I did when I received the Egg Mazing, was test it out myself. I would have had the kids take the first try, but this momma wanted to have a little fun first.

My first impression, the Egg Mazing is really innovative! I didn’t have to do any real ‘setting up’. No paper to lay down, no dyes to prepare, no need for egg holders to dry them. It was as simple as taking the machine out of the box, placing an egg in the holder, & start getting creative.

Egg Mazing in Action!

Egg Decorating Fun!

My 3 kids had an absolute blast! The Egg Mazing came with 8 markers that are non-toxic. I added some additional colored markers for more options. If you decided to add more marker options as well, just make sure they are non-toxic (especially if you plan on eating the eggs!) My daughter mentioned adding different decorating medians and using different tools (like Q-tips or brushes) which we will definitely try next.

When you get started, the Egg Mazing machine has a power switch to turn on (it takes 4 AA batteries). Immediately the wheel starts spinning, it’s a little noisy but not deafening. It is recommended to use Grade A XLarge eggs. We used hard boiled eggs that were cooled to room temperature. I did not want to risk condensation forming from decorating cold hard boiled eggs that were kept in the fridge.

As a momma who always dreaded the mess that comes along with Easter egg decorating, I was pretty darn happy as to how ‘neat’ this project was. No dyes, mess or vinegar smells. I didn’t have to worry about my furniture or clothes getting stained, or even the kids finding unique ways to spread dye all over the house.

The most interesting part, it’s really entertaining. We all seemed overly mesmerized by the spinning colors on the egg. It was almost relaxing! For the past 13 years, we have seen it all as parents. The general ‘impatience’ when waiting for an egg to dry can drive a parent nuts! Especially if the kids are constantly taking the eggs out of the dye every 5 seconds, or asking ‘is it done yet?‘ for the 183719 time. This was the first time, there was no actual fuss. They were just captivated watching eachother decorate eggs.

Whoever made this definitely gets a 5 star rating!

Caleb -8yrs old

This is the best!

Noah-9yrs old


There is definitely a tiny learning curve when using the Egg Mazing. First, you do not need to apply that much pressure with the marker. A light hand is all you need. My youngest son pushed a little hard at the tip of the egg, and it popped out of the holder, so gentle is the way to go. Second, start with lightest colored markers first. If you start decorating with a dark color, then use a lighter one, you may ruin the marker tip of the lighter color. Last piece of advice, wipe down the wheels every so often. This will avoid color transfer to your newly decorated eggs if the wheels are dirty.

By far one of the most unique egg decorating kits on the market. If you’re looking for something to add to your Easter tradition, the Egg Mazing may be perfect for your family.


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  1. Nancy says

    I LOVE this! Great idea for my kids and grandkids.

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