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One of my favorite things to do is fill my home with some great smelling scents. It really sets the mood for whatever you had in store for that day. I love walking into a room that smells like cinnamon or fresh lemons. It can really encourage a more positive mindset. Not only for you, but for the others living under the same roof as well.

Yet here’s a thought. For years, I have been purchasing ‘big brand names‘ of candles, room sprays and other chemically created ‘air fresheners’ to fill my home. Not once did it ever occur to me that the ‘smells’ that I am filling my home with were toxic.

Have you ever thought about what’s in your air fresheners?

Chemical filled air fresheners can be dangerous to our health and environment.

For over 6 years, so much research has filled media outlets about the dangers of chemical air fresheners. These studies have really changed the way consumers think in regards to how products are made and how they affect personal health and the world around us.

The good news is that our mindfulness helped companies step up their product game. This lead to the creation of amazing ‘air fresheners‘ with our health and environment in mind.


Enviroscent is an amazing company that took health and the environment in consideration. I was beyond excited to try out their amazing line of natural scents. They created safer scents inspired by nature with no harsh chemicals. The best part, the scents LAST! After THREE weeks, the smells are still lingering. Especially in my bathroom and car. One of my favorite selling points, these scents are safe around pets, that makes this bird momma happy.

Enviroscent even took a moment to develop packaging that was sustainable, recyclable and refillable. PLUS, if you are a stickler for aesthetics, their products look beautiful, just like decor. Overall the concept is revolutionary.

What ‘air freshener’ company do you know does that?

Scent Spritz

Scent Spritz Starter Kit retails $11.00 USD

Let’s start with a favorite, the Scent Spritz. First impressions was the packaging. I loved the aluminum can. It had a very sleek and minimal look that is perfect to leave out. The actual spitzer lets out a nice full mist (not a stream) and it’s ergonomic design is very comfortable in hand when used.

I am currently using the ‘Lemon Leaf and Thyme’ and it smells AMAZING. It is not overpowering to the point where you cough or even choke on the smell (Yes, that has happened to me in the past) and it did not aggravate my asthma.

I love how the scents fill the room in a very soft and clean manner. It really sets the mood of a comfortable and cozy environment. The ingredients really have our health in mind. The Scent Spritz is made of water & pure essential oils with no formaldehydes, phthalates , parabens or dyes. My nose has never been happier and my lungs are breathing easy.

As soon as I use up my 1000+ spritzes (YUP OVER A THOUSAND SPRITZES) I will definitely order two additional refills to try their Lavender Tea & Honey and Spring Water & Lotus scents.

Stow or Go Case + Mini Scent Stix

Stow or Go Starter Kit retails $9.00 USD

In the past I have used similar products such as ‘scent satchels’ or even made them using mini mesh bags and laundry scent beads. I would tuck them in drawers and closets, but after a week , the scents would fade. It got to the point where it felt wasteful and the smells would always ‘tickle’ or aggravate my throat a bit.

Enter the Stow or Go Case. Currently I am on day 19 with my Stow or Go Case in my purse, can I just say, I have never been happier every time I open my purse! There is always this beautiful and light smell that always comes from my bag when I open it. I even got complimented on my ‘perfume’ in the Target checkout line when I wasn’t wearing any.

I currently have the Lavender Tea & Honey mini scent stix in my case, and it does not seem to be slowing down on the amazing smell. Enviroscents claim that the Mini Scent Stix lasts 20 days, I honestly feel they may last a little longer. I love the fact that these scent stix have NO LIQUID. So there are no worries for spillage or leaks.

The use for these little guys are limitless. Perfect for a scent-refresh in my son’s baseball bag, linen closet, drawers and even laundry bags. These also would be perfect to hide in your children’s rooms or college dorm rooms as well. The small sleek design was created so you can easily tuck or hang the Stow and Go Case where ever a refresh in scent is needed. Anywhere you place the Stow and Go Case, you will be guaranteed a clean and fresh smelling space.

Stix & Stand

Stix and Stand Starter Kit Retails $17.00 USD

The Stix & Stand is such a beautiful piece that not only looks like decor, but it smells wonderful. The sleek mango wood stand was designed to allow the scents of the Scent Stix to breath through freely. There are no liquids or flames, just beautifully rolled, sustainably sourced, infused paper .

The scents claim to last 30 days. Currently I am on day 19 with my enviroscents, and the Red Poppies & Rosewood still fill my work area with a soft and comforting smell. One of my favorite concepts about all these wonderful scents is that since they are created using pure essential oils, so you will receive the benefits of ‘aromatherapy‘ in the most sustainable way possible.

Plug Hub Warmer + Scent Pods

Plug Hub Starter Kit retails $17.00 USD

I feel like I have tried every single plugable scent diffuser out there on the market. They all come in bulky packaging with a chemical filled liquid that disperses the scents in the room. The smells were always strong, almost choke worthy if your an asthmatic. I stopped purchasing them years ago because they just didn’t work well for my home, and honestly, it was a money pit.

When I initially saw the Plug Hub Warmer, I immediately thought, ‘This is not going to work for us’ . Of course, Enviroscent proved me wrong and put me in my place!

First off, Plug Hub Warmer is not bulky. It is roughly the size ( a pinch bigger) than your basic outlet port. It does not have this overbearing look to it and is so aesthetically pleasing. I love that it is hardly noticeable, but the smell it produces fills my entire bathroom beautifully.

I currently have the smoked caramel and cinnamon scent pod and its hands down my FAVORITE scent Enviroscent has to offer. The most amazing concept about the Plug Hub Warmer is that its LIQUIDLESS. That’s right, no liquid means no mess. The scent pods are made from paper pulp that are sustainably sourced. So not only does it look & smell good, it offers the biggest hug to our Earth.

The scent pods last 45 days (or more depending on how much scent is left) and are very easy to switch out. Every piece of the Plug Hub Warmer down to the scent pod is recyclable. I find that the Plug Hub Warmers work best in smaller spaces, so it was perfect for my small bathroom.

Car Vent Clip

Car Vent Starter Kit retails $10.00 USD

This one made me so happy! I am mother of 3 kiddos and rock a minivan. So the smells that emit from my car can be very questionable at times. The concept of the Car Vent Clip is similar to the Plug Hub Warmer. So no liquid, only a scent pod made from paper pulp. The design is similar in size to other vent clips on the market, but the look of it is so aesthetically pleasing.

I have tried the car air freshener trees, dropped big bucks at places like ‘Yankee Candle’ and even used liquid vent clips that have knocked my sense of smell right out of me. Either it was too powerful, messy, or about to trigger an asthma attack.

Since a car is a small, tight space, scents tend to linger a lot longer and smell more intense. I didn’t want something that would cause a headache with a such a powerful smell over time. The Car Vent Clips are perfect for a strong not overpowering smell that leaves you relaxed instead of with a pounding headache.

I love that everytime I enter my car, it reminds me of Christmas with the balsam fir & spruce scent. Before my car always had a chemical scent due to the air fresheners I had tried, but the Car Vent Clips are a real game changer. Even my kids and their buddies are always mentioning how good my car smells. It is such a feel good product. Especially knowing we are not breathing in harsh chemicals and its enviro-friendly.

How is that not a win-win??

Hit Me With the Best Scents

Enviroscent really nailed it with their product line. They nixed all the harsh chemicals and created scents that are natural and healthy for you to breath. Every bit of their packaging down to the physical product was sustainably sourced, recyclable & refillable. PLUS every item was beautifully created for your home or where ever you need a scent-me-up.

We all breathe. So why not make it be healthy and smell oh so good.

Looking for a gift or trying to change up your air freshener game? Check out for more information about products, delivery service and even a way to save 5% on refills.



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