Ease Anxiety During These Stressful Times With CBD

From personal experience, I find that CBD helps take the edge off from a stressful day that fills me with anxiety. CBD takes me to the right mindset where I can gather my thoughts and give myself a reset to finish off my day on a good note. There are a variety of ways to take your CBD; from oils, to topicals and even vapes. No matter how you choose to take CBD, it is an ideal way to handle hard days naturally.

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Uplift & Relaxation

The Remedio Wellness Day & Night Formula is a dynamic duo of CBD wellness. It will help you from the start of your day to the end of your day naturally. Remedio Wellness drops are made with broad spectrum cannabinoids that contains hemp extract. If you are a beginner to using CBD oils, it is best to take ‘micro doses’ to figure out what would be the best amount for your needs.

With CBD oils like Remedio Wellness, starting with a 1/4 full dropper of CBD oil under your tongue is a great way to see how the CBD reacts to your body. This is an ideal way to adjust your intake as needed, especially if you are a beginner.

The Remedio Drops 500mg has a nice low dose of CBD per mg. Each bottle contains approximately 30 doses which gives you 16mg of CBD per FULL dropper. I like how this dose is low enough to help calm your nerves by taking that edge off a stressful day.

Remedio Drops 500mg will not make you sleepy, in fact it will do the opposite and help you focus. It is just enough CBD to get you through a day that otherwise would have triggered anxiety. Remedio Drops 500m also contains natural MCT oil which is known to improve mood and cognitive function.

The Remedio Rest Drops are meant for night time use only. This is one of my favorite ways to help get that restful, full night sleep when my day keeps running through my mind. Since it is designed for sleep, take a dose 30 minutes right before bed under your tongue. .

After waking up the next morning, there was no ‘hangover’ effect that many sleep aides can give you. Remedio Rest Drops helped me stay in a deep sleep which allowed me to wake up and take on the day.

Along with the CBD, Remedio Rest Drops also contains CBN which acts as a natural sleep aid. CBN works wonderfully with CBD to battle inflammation that help ease an achy body to sleep.

Ease Stress & Anxiety

Using a vape can quickly and effectively deliver CBD to your body compared to other forms of taking CBD. Please be mindful, if you have sensitives to inhalants or have underlying health conditions similar to asthma, the vape method of taking CBD may not be right for you.

The Elon is a sleek and modern looking vape that will not draw attention. It uses the latest USD C-charger that can charge the Elon in 30 minutes. Each charge can give you 10-15 sessions before you need to plug it in.

There are no buttons, instead it has a L.E.D. light to indicate when the Elon is ready to take your CBD.

My favorite part about the Elon is that it’s low maintenance because it’s self cleaning!

To take your CBD, the Elon uses Stems that are pre-packed with 5g of CBD Hemp flower. These doses of CBD are controlled with the same weight of hemp flower as well as a uniform packing for even heating.

There is no typical burning using a butane lighter. So there are no harmful smoke & ash and contains no pyrolytic toxins.

To use the Elon along with the Stems, you simply push a stem into the opening and the green indicator light will automatically turn on. It takes seconds for the Elon heat up and you can almost immediately start your session.

The Stems come in two different blends and the paper is made of recycled materials to keep it sustainable. The Relax is my favorite of the two. I like using it as part of my night time routine for an easier transition to bed. The Uplift allows for more focus. It is great to use throughout the day and gives you more of a ‘ready to take on the day’ vibe. Both blends take the edge off a stressful day in the most natural way possible.

What is your favorite way to relax with CBD?

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