Dreaming of a trip to Walt Disney World

Dreaming of a trip to Walt Disney World

I am dreaming of a trip to Walt Disney World this summer! This is the first time in two summers that I have not been working full time. I am back to being a full time wife, mom and blogger. I would love for us to take a vacation to Florida this year.

It has been three years since we’ve been to Disney. Two summers ago, we had just moved to our current apartment and I started working a few months later.

We are a Disney family! Our son grew up watching Winnie the Pooh, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and many several Disney shows! I had a ton of Disney movies saved on our DVR at the time, so I could play them over and over for him.

Epcot The American Adventure beautybrite

Our first trip to Disney World was so exciting because it was our son’s first time as well as my first time. Our son was 4 at the time of our first visit as a family, he would turn 5 about a week later.

Epcot Spaceship Earth beautybrite

My husband lived in Florida for a number of years where his parents worked at the Disney Parks. The first day, we arrived in Florida in the evening. We checked in to the hotel and wanted to head to Epcot for a few hours. Our son was not sure what was going on and he really wasn’t into it.

We mostly walked around, took pictures, explored and enjoyed the sights. It was a great way for our son to get acclimated to the new environment.

We stayed for over a week in Florida. We did have to extend our stay because there was a fairly big snowstorm back home.

Disney's Hollywood Studios beautybrite

We tried visiting Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios but they both really didn’t interest us. Our son has Autism and he preferred riding rides and such. I did enjoy taking pictures at both parks. I got several pictures of background movie sets. Other than that, those two parks really didn’t excite us as much as Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

This summer, I hope we can find the time to unwind and make it to the Disney parks!

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