Developing Healthy Confidence in Kids

Developing Healthy Confidence in Kids

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This summer marks a time of big transition for my son. Next month, he will graduate from Preschool and have to leave behind the teachers and friends he’s come to know and love. In the fall, he will be starting Kindergarten within the school district where we live. These changes are a lot to absorb for such a little guy. I know he’s apprehensive about a new school, different teacher, and unfamiliar classmates.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you might know that my son is a book worm. He loves to read and will peruse just about anything he can get his hands on: books, magazines, and even carry-out menus. When I had the opportunity to check out Remember, Just Be You By William Campbell, I was very excited. I thought this book could be very helpful in comforting my son’s fears about beginning Kindergarten in a new environment.

Developing Healthy Confidence in Kids

The story begins with the main character, Mark, starting a brand new school. Understandably, he is filled with some worries and doubts.  Each day, Mark is presented with a new challenge and feels like he comes up short compared to his classmates. After expressing his frustrations to his parents, they always leave him with the advice to continue to “just be you†and everything will work out. As the story progresses, Mark continues to feel steps behind his peers; unable to tie his shoes or ride a bike without training wheels. But his parents continue to encourage him to be true to himself.

Developing Healthy Confidence in Kids

One day, the teacher announces that a drawing contest will be held and the student with the best artwork will win a pizza party for their entire class! Mark is doubtful he will succeed, but still does his best to win the contest with his drawing. The next day, the teacher announces that Mark’s artwork was chosen as the winner and the entire class claps and cheers, celebrating his victory.

Mark learns that everyone has their own unique talents and with a little patience you can discover them within yourself.

For my son, this book couldn’t have come at a better time. I love that this story conveys that everyone has special abilities and that you just need to be true to yourself in order to discover them. You don’t have to be the best at everything or impress everybody; just be yourself and everything will fall perfectly into place. The message of this story is timeless; an encouraging reminder for both children and adults.

A portion of book sales is donated to Saint Jude’s and Feed America.

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