Deep Clean In A Green Way

I vaguely remember my laundry life before my son was born. I was doing laundry about once a week. Within days of bringing our son home, I was doing laundry throughout the day and week. It was never-ending. There are times when I try to go a few days without doing laundry and then I realize I need to wash towels or bedding or the laundry basket is too full! On my on-going mission to go eco-friendly, I prefer to use natural laundry detergent. We found an awesome line of products that offer deep clean in a green way! 

Deep Clean In A Green Way
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I am a fan of Orange Is The New Black and Charlie’s Soap was seen on the show! It was Piper’s brother and his wife using the products! Remember that family, they are a big green-friendly family!? 

I’ve been using natural laundry soap and eco-friendly cleaning products for years now. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my son that I realized the cleaning products I was using were harmful. I thought I was doing good by cleaning with bleach products. However, when it came time to using the cleaning products, the fumes would irritate my lungs and affect my breathing. They would also give me headaches! 

When it comes to cleaning around our home, I choose to use natural cleaning products. I feel confident using eco-friendly products around our home. They don’t irritate my lungs or give me headaches. Some are even fragranced with essential oils! 

Tough cleaning in the kitchen and bath

Charlie’s Soap Kitchen Bath Household Cleaner

The Charlie’s Soap Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner is super easy to use. I just spray the areas I am cleaning and allow to sit for a few moments before wiping clean. Some surfaces need an extra scrubbing, but it’s not a big deal!

The cleaner brought out the shine on my faucets! I love using the Charlie’s Soap Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner in my kitchen and bathrooms. It really makes my counters shine and look so clean! Our bathtubs can get dirty quick! Just a few sprays and I can clean our tubs in just minutes!

Tackle the stains

Charlie’s Soap Laundry Pre-Spray Stain Remover

As any mom knows, a pre-spray stain remover is a “must have†in the laundry room. Although, it’s not just my son, I spill sometimes too! So a stain remover does come in handy. 

I am so excited to try a natural stain remover product, I had no idea such a product existed. The Laundry Pre-Spray Stain Remover (16oz) and the Laundry Pre-Spray Stain Remover (10ml) are so easy and handy to use! I just spray on the stains and throw them in the wash! 

So far, I’m impressed with the stain remover! I haven’t had the chance to use them on many items, but at least I’m prepared! 

You can also find the stain remover at Target.

Charlie’s Soap Oxygen Bleach

My son’s socks and underwear are the most unpleasant items to wash! They are dirty, brown, and sometimes crusty. I ask other moms for help as to how I can wash them or keep them white. Some suggested using oxyclean. Since I’m not a huge fan of using chemicals, I tried to find an alternative. I found a few DIY/homemade solutions. I did try one of them and it seemed to help a bit. 

When I saw Charlie’s Soap offers an Oxygen Bleach product, I knew I had to try it! The Oxygen Bleach comes in powder form. It is safe to use for all colors. I only use a small scoop or less right now. It also helps eliminate odor, and as any boy mom knows, we appreciate this! 

Deep clean laundry

Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Liquid and Powder Detergent

Right now, my washing machine is very tiny, so I use much less detergent. I also tend to use less detergent when I use natural detergent. After using Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Liquid Detergent a few times, I am impressed with how clean our clothes are. You can also find the liquid detergent at Target.

The first time I used Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Powder Detergent, I noticed that the detergent didn’t quite dissolve! So, I need to use less and pay attention to what type of washing cycle I use. Once I upgrade my washer and dryer, I will try the powder again. You can find the powder detergent at Target.

I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to try Charlie’s Soap! It’s already on my shopping list to purchase in the future. I already buy natural laundry detergent at Target and plan to consider Charlie’s Soap!

Do you prefer using natural laundry detergent? Have you tried Charlie’s Soap? 

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  1. I have not tried Charlie’s soap or Natural laundry detergent. I have many allergies and skin sensitivity. I’ve only been able to use Dreft liquid detergent ( not just for babies)

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