Create healthy snacks in minutes

Create healthy snacks in minutes

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I enjoy making smoothies and healthy protein shakes. I used to do cardio workout programs and always made a protein shake afterwards because my body felt so exhausted and drained. As a vegetarian, I do not always get protein from the food I eat, so I rely on supplements. Due to health reasons and a bad injury, I had to put my workouts on hold. For the last few months, I have been walking and jogging on my treadmill, pilates and yoga.

I recently added black beans as a regular source of protein. It is affordable and I can add it to eggs and rice or quinoa and veggies! It works perfectly with just about any meal I make. Since I started eating black beans, I am feeling much better and feel that my body can handle the cardio workouts. I hope to start slow and work my way up. I miss being able to exercise like I did in the past.

Since I adore making my smoothies and protein shakes, I am so thrilled to receive Tribest’s Dynablend Horsepower Plus. I love that it is BPA-free and the blender jar is made of glass. The dials and buttons are easily labeled, so I can customize what I need to blend.

Dynablend beautybrite

It is quick and easy to clean compared to my name brand blender. I just blend water and a bit of dish soap, rinse and allow to air dry.

We can make salsa, which my husband and I love to do. We like fresh and chunky salsa. We usually cut the vegetables by hand but that can be time consuming. Using the Dynablend makes it much faster and easier.

Dynablend set beautybrite

I can use my Dynablend to make homemade baby food. I wish we had a blender when our son was a baby. I would have made baby food. Instead, we did buy organic baby food for him. It would be been fun to make baby food for him as I could customize and create something that he would enjoy.

I can even use Tribest’s Dynablend Horsepower Plus to blend chia seeds or flax seeds. It is recommended to use a blender for flax seeds as your body is not able to fully absorb the nutrients and benefits of flax when it is whole. I love that I can use the Dynablend with my chia seeds. I love adding chia seeds to my food but they always get stuck in my teeth. Now I can use the Dynablend!

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