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Choose Sustainable Organic Cotton with prAna

Choose Sustainable Organic Cotton

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I love wearing cute and stylish clothing. As a single mom, I like to treat myself to new clothes every so often! I especially enjoy selecting sustainable organic cotton fashion if at all possible. I already try to buy organic foods as much as possible, so it only makes sense to choose organic cotton!

When you shop with prAna, they make it easy to choose sustainable organic cotton pieces!

Check out this video for more information on why organic cotton matters:

Last year, I was lucky enough to choose a sustainable and fashionable outfit from prAna that I still wear! The style is lightweight and perfect for California Fall weather!

prAna Fall Organic Cotton Outfit

This year, I chose a beautiful cotton outfit from prAna that I adore! I love comfortable and laid-back looks to fit my busy lifestyle. I don’t have time to mess with the latest and greatest or pieces that are going to fall apart after 3 washes.

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Janessa Pants in Weathered Blue

As far as I remember, the sizes are true to size. Check the size charts and read the reviews to choose the size that would work for you. I chose the Janessa Pants in Weathered Blue. For the size, I chose based on the size chart as they are true to size. The pants are super cute and comfortable. I can easily pair them with any nice top.

Longline T-Shirt in Reflection Heather Grey

As for a top, I ultimately chose the Longline T-Shirt in Reflection Heather Grey. I read the reviews on sizing. I could have easily sized up based on the fit of the top but the size I chose works too. I was actually going to choose a different color but all the reviewers raved about the heather grey top! The top is a bit form fitting on me, I do prefer my tops to be a little flowy and roomy. Overall, the top is perfect!

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Organic cotton clothing is the best choice for you and your family because it is made of materials free of pesticides and chemicals. Think about it, your clothes come in contact with your skin. Imagine all the chemicals that close to your skin. I try to choose the best for myself and my son. I hope to buy more organic cotton in the future!

Ready to save 15% off your prAna order? Use coupon code WCSFF18 at checkout!

prAna Fall Organic Cotton Outfit Lifestyle

Next time you are shopping for clothes, consider your choices. Instead, choose sustainable organic cotton!

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  1. I love Prana, we sell them at work and they are so soft, and so super cute too!

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