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School, soccer, band practice, dance recital, football practice, and so much more. The back to school grind will be here before we know it. It’s never too early to start prepping ahead for the busy school year though. Especially when it comes to food and beverage storage. I’ve been looking for containers with a convenient size but versatile function. Precidio has really upped the competition this season with their “Drink in the Box” and Snack in the Box.

Precidio’s Drink in the Box and Snack in the Box are conveniently shaped box containers for on the go.

In 5 years, 1 trillion disposable juice boxes will go to landfills. End to end, they would wrap around the earth +1400 times or go to the moon hundreds of times.

Drink in a Box

A Reusable Juice Box for on the go!

Drink in the Box is designed to be a reusable “juice box” and comes in an 8oz or 12oz size as well as in a range of colors. This reusable juice box is leak proof and spill proof, so no messes in lunch boxes or bags on the go. I really like the fact that this reusable juice box is great for any age (as long as one has the capability of sucking through a straw).

I will say that the lid should be open when you put the lid on with a beverage, otherwise a little bit may come through the straw when you open the lid later due to the pressure build up. Otherwise I literally have NO complaints about Drink in the Box. As a mother of 4, I feel like that speaks volumes all on its own.

Snacks in Conveniently Reusable Box

Precidio also have their Snack in the Box line which is a reusable snack box that has a divider for 2 separate snacks. That’s right. One box with the option of 2 different snacks that are kept separate and even have their own lid.The Snack in the Box is great for on an on the go snack or packed in a lunch box without wasting too much space. There is also no worries of crushing goldfish, cereal, or any other snack you choose to pack. I do wish the holes for the snacks were a tad bit larger for small hands who like to dig into the container to grab their snack but I will definitely be ordering more of these snack containers for my children.

What storage containers for snacks and beverages are you looking into for this upcoming school year?

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