Back To School Fashion For Boys

Back To School Fashion For Boys

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My little man graduated from 5th grade just a few months ago and now he’s getting ready to start middle school! He is growing up so fast! I cannot believe he’s a tween already!

My son starts school in just a few days! We just moved this summer, so he will be starting a new school in a new district. We are excited to be living in a new state, however, it will take some time to adjust to a school getting back into a schedule.

With a new school comes a dress code! At first, I was not too thrilled about a dress code but after thinking about it, I realized that it is better for us overall. It will be so much easier for me to shop when he needs new clothes throughout the year.

We’ve never tried French Toast clothes so I am very excited to share the styles we chose!

French Toast Short Sleeve Pique Polo

We always seem to choose blue (my husband loves the color blue), so I chose a Short Sleeve Pique Polo in Navy. Compared to previous brands we bought, I am amazed at the quality of the shirt. It is thicker and much softer! I can tell the polo shirt will last many months!

French Toast Pull-On Boys Pant

Our son has Autism. We’ve been lucky enough to keep him in pull-on pants and shorts. I hope that as he gets older, we will still be able to find him pull-on pants. I am so thankful that French Toast offers a pull-on pants option! I chose the Pull-On Boys Pant in Grey.

French Toast Fashion Collage

My son and I had fun trying on his new clothes. He also had fun posing, plus he loves the attention!  His pants are a bit too big for him but he will grow into them!

I am so thrilled to try French Toast. The clothes are lightweight, soft and durable. As any boy mom knows, we need clothes that will last!

It is so amazing how much I had to spend on clothes the last few years for our son. He would come home with holes in his shirts (he would cut holes in them) or he’d have rips in his pants. I found myself buying new clothes every few months!

I quickly learned where not to buy his clothes because they were so thin (a well-known store in the mall). I also found a few favorite brands to stick with.

Where do you buy your children’s clothes? Do they stick with certain styles for school?

You can find French Toast Polos at Target and Kohls.  You can find French Toast Pants at Target and Kohls.

You can find French Toast on their website / Facebook / Twitter


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  1. Gabrielle says

    All the best to your son. Hope he has a great year in his new school.

  2. your son looks adorable. I hope he has a great school year!

  3. Melissa Storms says

    I definitely see the appeal of a dress code like that. My son is 13 and sometimes it is very hard to find clothing that appeal to him.

  4. Hope you son has a wonderful school year. Great outfit.

  5. Your son looks amazing in his new clothes. I hope he has new and wonderful experiences in his new school.

  6. Rena Walter says

    These clothes look really comfortabe!

  7. I have heard about that company, good clothing.

  8. Debra Holloway says

    This outfit is very trendy and stylish. It is really hard to find boy’s clothes sometimes that they like.

  9. As a boy mom, I completely understand. We end up spending a fortune on shirts, pants and shoes. Also, not to mention that they grow so fast so you are constantly buying new! These sound great!

  10. denise low says

    Thank you for sharing. I like his outfit he looks cool.

  11. These are cute outfits for boys.

  12. tat2gurlzrock says

    I have heard that French Toast makes great clothing for kids. I like the pull up optopn on the pants.

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