Assassinate Your Acne With The Right Arsenal

If you’re looking for a no fuss acne skincare line, I am so excited to introduce Surreal Skincare to you! I was lucky enough to try a variety of their products that are cruelty free and natural! If you’re ready to assassinate your acne with the right arsenal, keep reading! 

Assassinate Your Acne With The Right Arsenal
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As a busy mom, I wanted to let you know that the Surreal Skincare products can be a lot of steps in your skincare routine, so it’s up to you how you incorporate them! I prefer to use this line at night with exception to the Makeup Milk. Since I wear makeup, I felt like wearing so many layers of deliciousness on my face would not work under my makeup. My face is usually supple and moisturized and trying to apply makeup would be messy!

Assassinate your makeup 

First, assassinate your makeup with the Makeup Milk

Makeup Milk

I love this cleanser, it smells good and effective with removing the gunk and grime from the day! The Makeup Milk is creamy and you only need a small pump! 

Gather your arsenal

It’s time for the main event! The Acne Arsenal Advanced Guide is the best bundle to start with! It’s definitely an investment, but so worth it! 

Acne Arsenal Advanced Guide

The Acne Arsenal Advanced Guide includes Kieran’s Exfoliating Cleanser, Bacteria Blaster Gel Toner, Acne Assassin Serum, Regenerator Face Cream, and Cool Napalm 20 Minute Resurfacing Mask!

First, cleanse with Kieran’s Exfoliating Cleanser! You can apply wet or dry!

The Cool Napalm 20 Minute Resurfacing Mask is only to be used once a week! This one is a game changer! I was kind of freaking out/excited as I tried it for the first time. As I applied it to my face, the fumes were overwhelming! It hits your eyes and almost makes you feel blind for a few seconds. But, I stuck with it! Leave on for 20 minutes and then remove with a wet paper towel. Do not use your towels, I wouldn’t risk potentially staining my towels. You can also rinse in the shower

Then, follow with the Bacteria Blaster Gel Toner,  Acne Assassin Serum, and Regenerator Face Cream! 

Queen Tut

The very last step is the Queen Tut! She helps with aging and scars! She is the best. Do not forget Queen Tut in your skincare routine! 

Each product from Surreal Skincare smells different! They are not overpowering at all. 

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