An Easy Way To Fit In A Workout Every Single Day

Let’s face it, most of us are working from home while sitting in front of our computers for at least 8 hours a day. By the time you are done with work and finish your daily chores, are you really in the mood to workout? Not me thats for sure. It wasn’t until I learned that I can integrate a workout while I am doing my work. It sounded so intriguing, I had to give it a try.

A Seated Treadmill That Fits Under Your Desk

Quarantine has been brutal when it comes to weight gain. So much so ‘Quarantine Fifteen‘ and even ‘Quarantine Forty‘ have been coined terms across the internet. Much has to do with the lack of body movement due to working and learning from home, and for others, a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with sour dough bread.

Onthemuv mini treadmill is an excellent solution to keep you moving and your blood pumping. The unique part, it is only meant to use while seated. Thats right, a SEATED TREADMILL! I was skeptical at first; I was not sure if an effective workout could happen while sitting down. Boy was I wrong.

Onthemuv was very easy to set up. All I needed to do was pull it out of the box, plug it in and attach the controller. With one hit of a button, Onthemuv was ready. All I needed to do was take a seat, and let my legs do the walking. The controller helps you adjust your speed and keep track of vital stats about your workout. I was surprised how much you can feel your leg muscles working as I sat down and walked.

I was so lost in my work, I actually forgot I was working out! It was instinctual to keep walking on the miniTread while I read over paperwork and create videos for my students. I did this all while sitting down! I felt it the most in my thighs and ended up with a good workout burn that was satisfactory.

I really liked that I was able to keep track of calories burned, distance walked, and my time. The controller on the miniTread even kept track of my steps and speed as well. You can go up to as fast as 2.5 mph which feels like you are jogging in a sitting position.

Onthemuv’s miniTread was easy to move around and I was able to adjust the height of the miniTread based on my seating situation. My favorite part was how easy it is to store the miniTread. I keep it under my desk or sometimes under my living room chair. It is a nice reminder that I can have a low impact workout anytime and anywhere, even while working.

Socks That Not Only Inspire, But Make Your Workout Easier

StickyBe Socks are great fitting, high quality, comfortable grip socks. Each sock has an inspiring word or phrase to help keep you motivated. I love how cozy they felt on my feet, yet they are very durable. You can tell these are not the type of socks to fall apart with the secure stitching around the toes and ankles.

StickyBe Socks came in handy while doing yoga. I was able to keep a strong grip on my mat without slipping like my normal clutsy self. I even wore my StickyBe Socks while using the miniTread. Not only was I working from home and working out at the same time, I was comfortable while doing it!

My daughter has been wearing hers non-stop. She uses them daily as a slipper to walk and lounge around the house. StickyBe Socks keep your feet nice and warm, and you can even wear them to bed.

StickyBe Socks would make a great stocking stuffer. They come in all sizes from adult to infants with a style to suit anyone.

Would you want a seated treadmill in your workspace?

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