Add Character To Your Garden

It’s no secret that I love my houseplants! I remember one of my first houseplants was a mini african violet. One of my teachers gave it to me as a thank you for helping in her classroom! At the time, I didn’t understand the care but I kept watering it and it survived for awhile! These days, I am more aware of my houseplants and do the best I can for them. I can’t wait to show you how you can add character to your garden!

Add Character To Your Garden
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Little did I know that I would be so addicted to houseplants. I remember thinking I was a bit weird because I liked plants so much! My next plant was given to me by a friend of mine. She gave me one of her spider plant babies! After that, I knew I loved houseplants! 

I recently switched to organic fish emulsion to help feed my plants. I also switched to high quality potting soil. I believe they are both helping my plants look so healthy! 

Add Mythical Creatures

When I saw the My Fairy Garden’s Fairy Light Garden, I originally thought I could use it to create an air plant garden! However, when I received it and put it all together, I realized that wouldn’t work. 

My Fairy Garden’s Fairy Light Garden

The My Fairy Garden’s Fairy Light Garden is much bigger than I thought and it’s deeper. I pictured it smaller and I could easily fit it on my shelf or table. I don’t have the room for it! While this set is super cute, I did play with it with my son for a bit. We played with the fairy, unicorn, bridge, and more. We just had fun placing the items in different spots! 

I did end up giving the My Fairy Garden’s Fairy Light Garden to a friend with a little girl! The set is perfect for kids to play with! They can easily let their imagination grow with this! 

Add Gnomes 

I have a small collection of garden gnomes on my stairs and porch that I just adore! I still want to add more! 

I found more cute gnomes to add! When I saw the SF 49ers Mini Gnome, SF 49ers Gnome, and the Seattle Seahawks Mini Gnome, I knew I had to have them! I recently added the 49ers and Seattle Seahawks blankets, so it was already fitting to get the garden gnomes! 

SF 49ers and Seattle Seahawks Mini Gnomes

As you can see, the SF 49ers Mini Gnome and the Seattle Seahawks Mini Gnome are cute! They are actually about the size as my other garden gnomes! 

SF 49ers Gnome

The SF 49ers Gnome is a bit bigger. He is the perfect size for my porch! 

When it comes to my houseplants and decorating my home, I love adding personality on the outside of our home with my garden gnomes! As for the inside, it’s fun to add character to my houseplants too! 

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