9 Ways (And Counting) To Use A Multi-Purpose Organizer

9 Ways (And Counting) To Use A Multi-Purpose Organizer - MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer

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One thing that seems to be constantly on my mind is home organization. I’m always looking for ways to make daily life flow more easily and be able to easily put my hands on items I need when I need them. I hate having to spend time looking for stuff!

MobileVision® has a product that I’m really having fun figuring out different ways to use in my home right now. Their Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer is amazing! It’s small enough that it’s pretty easy to tote around the house but large enough that organizing needed items in it is a breeze.

MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer

The Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer is nearly 13 inches wide (side to side) and 7 inches deep (front to back), and ranges from 2-½ inches tall at the front of the organizer to about 5 inches tall at the rear. It has a lot of space and several differently shaped and sized compartments that makes finding the perfect spot for different items very easy. It also features an open slot in the back of the organizer for easy access to charge mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and e-readers, etc.

MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer

The bamboo materials from which it’s made is easy to clean with a damp washcloth, an important consideration for me. Also, it’s incredibly sturdy. No matter how heavy the items I stashed in the compartments, it has never become unsteady or tipped over even once. It has rubber feet that keep it from sliding around and hold it steady wherever you need it. I love that!

I’ve had so many ideas about areas that I can use the Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer to organize items in multiple areas of my home. So, I thought it would be a great idea to make a list of all the ways I’ve thought of to use it and show a few of them, too.

  1. We have an armoire in the master bathroom where I store things like beauty items, extra toilet paper, styling tools, jewelry and extra hand towels, among other various items. We have pedestal sinks for him and her, so there’s no vanity space on which to display items that I use daily when getting ready for the day. It is nice to be able to grab this organizer from the armoire and bring it over to set in the sink to easily reach needed items while getting ready and then quickly and easily store them away again.

    MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer

  2. My mudroom is a true work room. This room is where the washer and dryer, drying rack and ironing board are. It’s also where I have the litter boxes and cat and dog food dishes, an extra freezer, containers of food items for the dogs, cats and chickens as well as bird seed. We have a 16 cube organizing shelf system that holds everything from animal items to laundry products to extra towels and sheets and every other little thing that needs a place to be stored. I also have a desk in this room where I sometimes sit to do the bills. Having an organizer such as this one can be very handy for storing often used items such as pens and pencils, highlighters, calculator, stapler, notepad and envelopes among other office essentials. My mudroom is a wreck right now, so I’ll spare you a picture of that madness. LOL
  3. When it comes to cooking and baking or making jams, jellies or canning pickles there are a few cookbooks that I use often and like to have handy. It’s so easy to keep these items organized with this product. It also gives me a place to keep other items handy such as pens and pencils, recipe cards and even a couple cute little kitchen utensils to dress up the presentation a bit.
  4. MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose OrganizerI most often sit at the bar between the kitchen and living room to use my laptop. It’s the most convenient place for me because I can read articles, browse, and write while doing other things like eating, watching TV or folding clothes. This area is where I’ve been using this organizer recently because it’s the perfect place to stash my iPad, notebooks and planners, pens and pencils, earbuds, and other materials that I use when on the computer. The organizer has a media opening in the back for easy access to plug in chargers for all your smart devices without having cords laying around all over the place making my work space look cluttered.
  5. MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer

    Another great kitchen use is next to the sink to hold things like hand soap, hand lotion, room deodorizer spray and other bottles of cleaners or utensils like scrub brushes or bottle washers.

  6. MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose OrganizerI’ve even used it to hold paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, salt and pepper, and forks/knives when grilling out. It’s so easy to grab everything you need to hit the buffet table at a cookout and it looks really beautiful, too! You could use it solely as a condiment station, too, to hold ketchup, mustard, relish, and jars of pickles and onions or whatever else you like.
  7. MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose OrganizerIt makes a convenient gift wrapping tool to hold bows, ribbons, tape, scissors, gift tags and pens, etc. I always lose the scissors and tape dispenser while I’m wrapping gifts because I just sit it down wherever I’m done using it and it always gets lost under the paper, wrapping tissue or boxes. This keeps me from having to stop my wrapping to look for items.

    MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer

  8. I’ve even used it on the side table in the living room next to the couch to organize a crochet project I was working on. It was perfect to hold the balls of yarn, the project in progress, as well as other things like instruction sheets, crochet hooks, scissors, etc. Of course, it goes without saying that it can be useful to hold knitting, needlepoint or cross stitch items, as well.

    MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer

  9. Any readers out there? This is the perfect bedside organizer for your magazines, books, ereaders, reading glasses, extra bookmarks, etc. I’m always reading more than one book at a time. I know many people think that’s weird. I’ve been asked how I can keep the plot lines straight when reading more than one book, but it’s really not that hard for me. So, my night stand is often cluttered up with a stack of various reading materials and this is a great way to keep them more organized and looking nice and neat.

    MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer


So, there it is. Nine ways that I came up with very easily to utilize the MobileVision® Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer. And I didn’t even work my brain that hard to come up with these, either. There are probably a million other ways (and places) to use this product. I didn’t even think about uses such as in the garage, in the media room (think remotes and other media related items), or my kids’ bedrooms.

The Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer would make a great gift for everyone you know because it has so many uses and can be personalized for any space. I may have to buy a couple more of them to use myself, and it’s something I know my daughter would love to receive for her birthday this year. With Father’s Day right around the corner, this might be just the thing to give the Dad who already has everything else simply because there’s no way he couldn’t find a good use for it.

How would you use this item in your home? Share your ideas with us so we can all get inspired!!!


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  1. gloria patterson says

    WOW so many great ideals

  2. Nice looking organizer; I like the idea besides the bed.

  3. Darcy L Koch says

    This would come in handy for all my beauty products. The organizer is built to last by looking. My hubby would also want one for the garage.

  4. Jennifer Smith says

    This would be great on my desk. Also would help keep my daughter’s make up organized.

  5. Kristen Joiner says

    I would probably use it in my bathroom closet or maybe on the counter. There are so many little bottles and sheet masks that get pushed around and hidden under larger things. This would be nice.

  6. denise low says

    Thank you for sharing. This looks like it would come in very handy.

  7. This is a cute organizer. I would use it in my bedroom for books and remotes.

  8. My desk can be in a state of clutter all the time if I don’t organize it.. I would use this product for my deak.. keeping all my papers neat and tidy

  9. Sandy Bonesteel says

    I could use this organizer in every room. I could even dress it up a little bit for my craft items.

  10. Love this organizer! I’d use it to keep the kid’s coloring books organized in their play room.

  11. Melissa Storms says

    This definitely looks useful everywhere you used it. I could use a couple for my craft area.

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