Create A Dedicated Writing Space

Create A Dedicated Writing Space-DIGIBUDDHA Personalized Stationary-Mobilevision Bamboo Organizer

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I love having technology available with my laptop, smartphone, and tablet because it allows me to connect, communicate, and write no matter where I am. However, that being said, I still think it’s nice to have a dedicated writing space in my home.

Whenever I sit at either one of my desks (I have one in the mud room – pictured here – and one in my bedroom) for some reason I instantly feel more productive. There is something to be said for sitting at a desk where there isn’t a television around to distract me from my task.

To create this space, I have incorporated two items that I am currently enjoying very much. DIGIBUDDHA Personalized Stationery is going to give me the opportunity to take a step back to the olden days (lol) and actually write a real handwritten letter to my sister, while the Mobilevision Bamboo Desktop Succulent Holder will organize all of the paper and writing utensils that I use regularly and keep them handy for me to use…. [read more]

9 Ways (And Counting) To Use A Multi-Purpose Organizer

9 Ways (And Counting) To Use A Multi-Purpose Organizer - MobileVision Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer

Beauty Brite Disclosure

One thing that seems to be constantly on my mind is home organization. I’m always looking for ways to make daily life flow more easily and be able to easily put my hands on items I need when I need them. I hate having to spend time looking for stuff!

MobileVision® has a product that I’m really having fun figuring out different ways to use in my home right now. Their Bamboo All-In-One Multi-Purpose Organizer is amazing! It’s small enough that it’s pretty easy to tote around the house but large enough that organizing needed items in it is a breeze.

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