2 Medical Wellness Upgrades Every Home Needs To Have

Trying to keep up with daily wellness can seem like a daunting task. When it comes to medical supplies, it can even seem more confusing! Yet there are some great products to help you out in several areas in your life. Here are some amazing recommendations to make your wellness journey less stressful.

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Sterilizing Your Home

In light of the current pandemic, keeping your home clean & sanitized has been top priority. Yet sometimes we feel like we are not doing ‘enough‘. RedHawk Medical has amazing products that can not only sterilize a room in under an hour, but also give you peace of mind.

The UV Sterilization Light Plus by RedHawk Medical can sterilize a 20×20 room in one hour. It is highly efficient and has a sterilzation rate of 99.9%.

UV Sterilization Light Plus is simple to use. The button on the front has 3 sterilization modes: red for 15 minutes, green for 30 minutes, and white for 60 minutes. By default, it will automatically sterilize for 15 minutes.

Once you hit the power button and choose your sterilization duration, the light will begin to make a series of ‘beeps’. These beeps will give you enough time to leave the room so the UV Sterilization Light Plus can safely sanitize the area. The UV Sterilization Light Plus can cause discomfort to humans and animals, so it is best not to be in the room.

The handy door hanger is a visual cue for anyone in your home to not enter the room while sterilization is in progress. Since the UV Sterilization Light Plus emits a smell ( a sterilized odor), the room should be ventilated for at least 40 minutes in case the odor may be too strong for you. The odor is actually a sign that the sterilization is working! When dust particles and airborne contamination come in contact with the UV Sterilization Light Plus it is actually breaking them down in order to rid them. The more you use the UV Sterilization Light Plus, the less you should experience the strong odor.

The remote that comes with the UV Sterilization Light Plus is very handy, you do not even have to be in the room to set the timer. If someone were to accidently walk in the room during the sterilization process, the UV Sterilization Light Plus has a motion sensor that will turn off the light.


The UV Sterilization Pocket Wand is convenient and handy. I found myself using it in a variety of places from the steering wheel in my car to the keyboards, mouses and phones in my home.

The UV Sterilization Pocket Wand is great for those smaller items that are ‘high touch‘ that you don’t want to spray chemicals on to sanitize. It is quick and easy to use and even has a saftey tip sensor to avoid getting the light shined in your eyes.

I love that the UV Sterilization Pocket Wand folds up compactly and is perfect for travel. It can easily be tucked into your desk drawer or bag when not in use. You can use batteries or a USB charger to keep it charged at all times.

Acupressure At Home

I remember in high school one of the hottest shoes to own were the ADIDAS acupressure slides. The small nubs on the soles help relax your achy feet after a long day or game. But what about the rest of your body?

Dosha Mat can help ease soreness and tension wherever your body may need it. There are many benefits to an acupressure mat aside from relieving tension and soreness. Dosha Mat can help you relax, reduce stress, increase circulation and even help muscles recover faster.

The Dosha Mat itself can be used in a variety of ways. You can stand, sit or lay on it and even roll it up under your neck for theraputic results. It is very well made, and the acupressure points are made of medical grade plastic that is very sturdy.

The Dosha Mat takes some time to get used to. I inititally tried it with clothing on because the prickly feeling was intense on my bare skin since it was my first time. It was not painful, but a very different sensation. After a few practice runs of 15-20 minutes each time for a few days, I decided to go bare skin. After a few minutes of laying on the Dosha Mat the prickly feeling then changes to a warm sensation that feels relaxing. After the full 20 minutes is up, the muscles felt looser which was the goal I was hoping for.

What is your favorite medical wellness recommendation?

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