Will This Brand Make It Into Our Current Beauty Routine?

Will This Brand Make It Into Our Current Beauty Routine? - Gabriel Cosmetics Illusion Lipstick, Liquid Radiance, Aura Palette

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As a beauty blogger I love having the opportunity to test out brands that I’m not familiar with. I’ve found some holy grail items this way! One of those is the gluten-free and organic brand, Gabriel Cosmetics. This affordable brand offers a wide range of products in colors that will work with most skin tones. I was tested out three products: a lipstick, liquid radiance, and signature palette. The main question is, will these products make it into my current beauty rotation?

Illusion Lipstick is a medium tone nude lip color that’s “enriched with nourishing ingredients of jojoba oil and aloe” which seal in moisture and protect your lips from any “environmental aggression.” This lipstick is a beautiful everyday shade and I have even gotten quite a few compliments while wearing it.

It’s moisturizing, but I still needed my lip conditioner underneath it, not a deal breaker since I need it with most lipsticks. Normal wear for this brand is a good four hours.

The packaging I’m not a fan of as most lipsticks you pull the lid off, but this one you have to turn it a little. So if you forget, the lipstick cap will just pop off. This could lead to problems such as a sticky mess in your purse and having ruined lipstick. But, I really like this color and formula so much that the packaging isn’t a major deal breaker for me, but definitely worth mentioning as a head’s up for those interested in trying it.

Gabriel Cosmetics Illusion Lipstick

Gabriel Cosmetics Illusion Lipstick

Liquid Radiance is such a cool and unique product. It’s a lightweight and buildable formula that’s going to stand out among the competition. The rollerball applicator is going to help applying highlighter quickly and easily. Let me tell you, it’s gorgeous!

I have the shade Halo, which is a milky pink shade. It gives the skin a nice, subtle sheen. This product is innovative. I honestly haven’t seen anything like it. With that said, I will say that the rollerball seems to stick a bit dispensing an uneven coat of color. I’ll get a little color, than nothing, than color again. So, it does take a bit of maneuvering to get the coverage I need.


Gabriel Cosmetics Liquid Radiance Highlighter

Gabriel Cosmetics Liquid Radiance Highlighter

The Aura Palette contains four eyeshadows, one blush, and one highlighter. This compact also features an extra large mirror and two applicators. I love the mirror, I absolutely love when brands include them in palettes with shadows. I never use applicators, but for beginners it’s nice they include them. The packaging is sleek and compact, definitely a good palette for traveling.

Gabriel Cosmetics Aura Palette

Gabriel Cosmetics Aura Palette

Gabriel Cosmetics Aura Palette

This compact is great for women who like pastel hues in their eyeshadow. I typically prefer brighter colors, so I use the medium-tone pink blush all over my eyelids and the grey eyeshadow color in the crease. It’s a soft grey so it’s good for a daytime look.

The blush is insane! So pigmented! When I swatched it, it felt a little rough and I didn’t think I would like it. But it went on nice and was so easy to blend out and work with. It’s a gorgeous blush!

The highlighter. Oh, the highlighter! It is beautiful! The pink-toned powder is so smooth and has a nice pigmentation to it. It looks amazing on the skin!

There’s enough to like about Gabriel Cosmetics that I am thrilled to have these products added to my beauty routine. Have you tried Gabriel Cosmetics? What are your thoughts on the brand?


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