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Are you on the hunt for a new flat iron? Sometimes people will automatically think to go out and purchase the more expensive brand of styling tools. Either salons recommend them, or people think because of the higher price tag, it must be the better option. This isn’t always the case. I had the opportunity to receive and test out two different styling tools from affordable brands you know and probably have used.

Revlon Salon Straight Styling Tool

First up is a brand new styling tool from Revlon. This is the Salon Straight Copper Smooth Flat Iron. I’ve used flat irons from Revlon in the past, but because of how thick my hair is, the tool broke within a couple of years… maybe even sooner than that. So I’m really curious to see how this works out for me. This flat iron has many features, which include:

  • Advanced copper 3x ceramic
  • 450 degrees professional digital high heat
  • 81% less breakage
  • Color fade control
  • 10-Second fast heat-up
  • Auto shut-off

Revlon Flat Iron Features Up CloseRevlon Flat Iron Up Close

I really like that on the box is shows what temperature to set the flat iron at based on how your hair is. This is going to come in handy for a lot of people. I’ve only used the Salon Straight Copper Smooth Flat Iron a couple times, but so far it’s really working out for me. It straightens my hair nicely, not as good as a salon, but pretty dang close. If you’re on a tight budget and need a good quality flat iron, I highly recommend checking the Salon Straight Copper Smooth Flat Iron. It will also make for a great Mother’s Day gift! Hint hint!

Hot Tools Professional Deep Waver Styling Tool

The next styling tool up is the Hot Tools Deep Waver Ceramic Tourmaline that “creates beautiful, ultra-deep wavesâ€. Like with the Revlon flat iron, I’ve gone through many Hot Tools blow dryers. Not because they’re bad, but my hair is so thick that I go through styling tools faster than most people.

The Hot Tools Deep Waver Ceramic Tourmaline styling tool is really cool. It has a lock feature that keeps the clamps shut until you unlock it. This is a safety feature that will come in handy. This will get hot pretty quickly and stay that way until you’re done curling your hair. While this does give you deep waves, you can tone it down a little bit with a brush for a more natural look.

Hot Tools Deep Waver Original PackagingDeep Waver Clamp Up CloseDeep Waver Up Close

What I personally like is how easy it is to use. I’ve never used anything like this, I don’t even own a regular curling iron, so I was nervous I would mess up my hair. But I didn’t! I’m not a fan of big waves since my hair is naturally curly. But I like that I can work with the Hot Tools Deep Waver Ceramic Tourmaline, to create the type of wavy hair that I want with ease.

Don’t Forget the Hair Accessories

Were you in middle school or high school during the 90s? If so, you may remember these Revlon hair accessories. First is the Double Teeth Strong Hold. Now, my hair was always crazy thick and long, so I was never really able to use them. But everyone I know would use these to keep their hair up if they’re taking a quick shower or bath, or when they’re getting ready in the morning. Since I couldn’t wear them on my hair, I always tied my shirt to the right and put one of them on my shirt. Google it, it really was trendy to do that!

Revlon Double Teeth Hair Accessory

The other is the bright Soft Ponytailers, also known as scrunchies. They’re gentle on your hair and you won’t deal with as much hair creasing. If it were up to me, scrunchies would be fetch! These are great when you’re getting ready, working out, or need to run errands and don’t have time to fix up your hair.

Revlon Soft Ponytailers UP Close

Final Thoughts On These Affordable Styling Tools

While I do like the Deep Waver, I highly recommend the Revlon Flat Iron a little more since you can get a bit create and use that to give your hair soft curls. However, it’s summer and deep curls are going to be in. If that’s that look you’re going for, check out the Deep Waver, you won’t be disappointed. It will really come down to how you prefer to style your hair.

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