Is This Curling Wand Great for Beginners

Sultra 1.5-inch titanium wand Product Photo

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You can’t browse through Instagram without seeing women posing with their long, curly locks. Most of it is used using different products and styling tools like this curling wand from Sultra. But is this 1.5-inch titanium curling wand ($149) a great item for beginners?

Curling Wand Ease of Use

What’s great about the Sultra curling wand is that it comes with a glove to prevent any burns. I believe most wands will come with a glove, but I wonder if it helps those who are used to a regular curling iron.

For me, there was definitely a learning curve. I think because I was so afraid of burning myself, I had a hard time concentrating on my hair. Even though I didn’t burn myself, I definitely came close. But keep in mind, I hardly ever curl my hair. My hair is naturally wavy when wet, so I typically blow dry is straight or use a flat iron.

Sultra Curling Wand Bottom Up Close

Sultra Glove - Pink Shade

Sultra Swivel Cord Up Close

Sultra Curling Wand - wand photo

Product Details

This is the first clipless curl and wave wand that combines a titanium barrel and a dedicated ion emitter. This allows for quick, one-pass styling without damaging your heat from heat exposure. You’re getting optimum heat surface with a friction-free glide, which means no snagging or pulling. Facts about the Sultra curling wand:

  • Nine-foot no tangle swivel cord
  • Two-year warranty
  • Auto shut-off
  • A digital variable temperature for up t 350F degrees
  • Dual-heater technology for even heat and styling
  • Fast heat up
  • Ion emitter creates the most healing, smoothing ions for shiny hair
  • Iron pad and styling glove included
  • Universal voltage

Creating Different Looks

What I like about the size of the wand is being able to create different hairstyles. Once you get used to using a wand, it doesn’t take a long time to do my hair in the morning.

My favorite look is definitely beachy waves. While my hair is a little too short to get the curls that I want, it’s a look that I can definitely get in around 45 minutes. My hair is thick, so it does require some products and a little bit of work. But, we all know what a great hair day can do! So it’s definitely worth it.

Overall Thoughts

I’m enjoying the Sultra curling wand, but there was definitely a learning curve that involved a lot of frustrations. If you’re experienced with curling wands and need a new one, I think you will definitely enjoy the 1.5-inch titanium wand from Sultra.

Do you have a signature look you like to do? Let us know in the comments!

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