Which Affordable Styling Tool Is Worth Getting?

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Are you on the hunt for a new flat iron? Sometimes people will automatically think to go out and purchase the more expensive brand of styling tools. Either salons recommend them, or people think because of the higher price tag, it must be the better option. This isn’t always the case. I had the opportunity to receive and test out two different styling tools from affordable brands you know and probably have used.

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Curly Hair or Beach Waves?

Curly Hair or Beach Waves? - PRO Beauty Tools® 1†Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand


Work has been piling up this past week and I feel I have been running from one place to another constantly. I am NOT a morning person so operating as a functioning adult is not as easy for me as some. Having such long hair I have to do something with it daily in order to be, in my opinion, presentable. Lately, I have been enjoying my long hair to have curled ends or wavy locks courtesy of some fantastic products from Revlon® and PRO Beauty Tools®…. [read more]