We Opened Our Home To A Foster Dog And It Changed Everything

It’s been well over a decade since we’ve had a dog. I grew up with dogs in the house and even had a dog early on in my adult life. Since it’s been years since we’ve had a dog, I was looking to help fill an empty part of heart with a dog. Since I am a single mom living on a fixed income, I knew I couldn’t afford to have a dog. Fostering a dog allows me to care for a dog temporarily and the shelter provides everything needed to care for the animal. We opened our home to a foster dog and it changed everything for us!

We Opened Our Home To A Foster Dog And It Changed Everything
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I had been thinking about being a foster dog mom for months! I found a few local shelters and filled out their forms to be a foster parent. It took a few weeks, but finally heard back from a few. Some require that you attend an orientation, one place offered an online orientation presentation, which was convenient for me. Ultimately, I found a local shelter, filled out their form and joined their Facebook group. One afternoon, they listed a dog that needed a foster home. I left a comment saying I was interested but was sure they had plenty of responses. They responded that they didn’t have any! So, I quickly sent an email expressing my interest. I told them a bit about myself, my schedule, and our household. It took a few weeks and we were finally able to take her home. 

The shelter was kind enough to send us home with a crate, a dog bed, 2 bowls (for water and food), a huge bag of dog food, toys, and other essentials. 

In the meantime, I wanted a few extra supplies to keep on hand. Let’s go over a few basics needed when taking in a dog or foster dog!

I am lucky enough to live near a few parks. It is very family-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly. They have drinking fountains that people and pets can use, poop bag dispensers and trash cans. Now, each time I take the dog for a walk, I grab a handful of extra poop bags to keep on hand. 

Being a resident of California and a California Girl through and through, I had to choose a California theme! I received: 

California Dreamin’ Adjustable Health Harness  

California Dreamin’ Breakaway Dog Collar

California Dreamin’ Dog Cooling Bandana

California Dreamin’ Luxury Leash

California Dreamin’ Poop Bag Dispenser

Use a harness

California Dreamin Adjustable Health Harness

When we took our Foster Dog home, she had a basic collar and leash. I wanted a harness as it would safely and gently keep hold of her when we were out on our walks! The California Dreamin’ Adjustable Health Harness allows us to adjust to fit the dog! While our dog doesn’t pull or tug when on a leash, the harness is a safer choice. She does get antsy when she sees another dog! 

Dog collar and leash

California Dreamin Breakaway Dog Collar

I couldn’t go without choosing a matching collar and leash! The California Dreamin’ Breakaway Dog Collar and California Dreamin’ Luxury Leash go perfectly with the harness! I love the matching items we received. 

California Dreamin Luxury Leash

The California Dreamin’ Luxury Leash allows me to attach the poop bag. The leash is so cute with Palm Trees on one side and surf boards on the other. Any dog owner needs a leash! The collar and leash certainly work for us! 

Keep your dog cool

California Dreamin Dog Cooling Bandana

California Dreamin’ Dog Cooling Bandana is not only stylish, but keeps the dog cool in warm or hot weather! Thankfully, we are in cool weather, so I’m saving the cooling bandana for the warmer months! 

Be prepared

California Dreamin’ Poop Bag Dispenser

I love the California Dreamin’ Poop Bag Dispenser! I’ve been gathering poop bags each time we go for a walk, so I’ve been rolling them back up and storing them in my handy dispenser! The clip allows me to clip it to the leash so it is easily accessible! As a new Foster Dog Mom, this item comes in handy! 

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If you have room in your heart and your home, consider being a foster parent to animals! Contact your local shelter, ASPCA, SPCA, or animal rescue! They are desperate for foster homes! Many pets need a quiet home to adjust, too young to be adopted, injured, or had medical care and need a place to recover! Either way, look into being a foster parent! 

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  1. That’s so awesome you are fostering a dog! Congratulations! Do you have to pay for any vaccinations or does the shelter pay for it? What type of dog ? did you get? Animals are so fun to have!

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