Vacation In A Bottle

Vacation In A Bottle! Beauty Brite Disclosure

I just recently got back from a 7-day trip to Negril, Jamaica! Let me tell you, it was so hard getting adjusted when I got back to the real world and even harder going back to work. We all know that scents can trigger certain memories; I want to remember all of my vacation memories everyday that I can.

When I think of tropical vacations, the first scent that comes to my mind is coconut! Whether it be the scent of suntan lotion, a pina colada, or fresh coconut milk right from the source. I know within the first few weeks of coming back from vacation I got a whiff of coconut and I literally could see the ocean waves and a cool drink in my hand. It kind of took me back for a quick second and allowed me to relax like I did while on vacation.

Two wonderful perfumes that I am loving right now are Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder and Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez! They both take me back to my tropical vacation and they are unique in different ways.

Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder is more of a musky fragrance and it almost has a woodsy scent to it, in my opinion. The feminine notes of this one are Jasmine Petals, Honey, Musk, and Coconut Water. It has a very light scent of coconut and I have to really indulge to smell it but I like that it is masked by other subtle scents and I just get the whiff of it every once in a while. This perfume is very sensual and with its warmth, I can carry this one into the fall and fully into the winter months.

Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude

Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez is another great smelling perfume from her line. This perfume is like a tropical vacation in a bottle for sure! It also has a woodsy scent but it has whiffs of passion fruit, coconut water, orange flower, and vanilla orchid. I love the way it smells; it stays on my skin all day and my husband said he can still smell it on me after a full day at work. Not to mention how lovely the bottle shape is!

Miami Glow By Jlo

This one also comes with a cute little summer bracelet attached to the bottle that has 2 small flip flop charms!

You can find all beautiful summer scents on the Fragrance website.  You can connect with Fragrance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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