Tummy And Face Lift Without Surgery!? Count Us In!

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As we age, gravity settles in. Fine lines ‘magically’ appear on our face and parts of our body sag or seem an extra bit ‘dimply’ for our liking. Since plastic surgery is out of the question, we found a few amazing products to help find your confidence again.

First thing is first, WASH YOUR FACE!

Washing your face daily is a crucial part of skin care maintenance. It helps get rid of dead skin, bacteria, dirt and even environmental pollutants. All of this build up will block your pores causing breakouts, blemishes & even premature aging. So before you begin/end your day or start any type of beauty treatment, make sure you wash your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser and good quality towel.

Venics Beauty Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloth is a beautiful makeup remover/face wash accessory everyone should have. The material is super soft and is designed to remove make-up and debris from your face effectively. Since it is non-abrasive, your skin will not be irritated; perfect for sensitive skin.

I was able to get four uses out of my Venics Beauty cloth before it was time to toss it in the wash. I had used micellar water, gentle exfoliating face washes and a simple cream cleanser all with excellent results and no wear & tear to the cloth. After each face wash, I would give it a quick rinse and hang to dry. I used a different clean section of my Ventics Beauty cloth each day. So far after one wash, the Ventics Beauty cloth held up beautifully. It would be ideal to have a second Ventics Beauty cloth available when one cloth is in the wash.

Ventics Beauty Makeup Removing Cloth is great for the environmentally conscious since it’s low on waste and can be used up to 1,000 times! This is equivalent to 4,000 pieces of cotton pads! So not only are you doing your face some good, but our environment as well.

Face Lift in a Jar

Now that your face is beautifully clean, it’s time for some wizardry! Athena 7-Minute Lift is as close to magic in a bottle out there.It comes in a 1/2 ounce jar which may not seem like a lot, but a little goes a very long way.

My beautiful aunt was lucky enough to try the 7-Minute Lift & be my model. She had mentioned how much she ‘looked’ tired with her dark circles & puffiness under her eyes. I dampened the brush per the instructions and I lightly applied the Athena 7-Minute Lift directly under her eyes, sweeping in an upwards motion.

My aunt needed to stay expressionless for 7 minutes; it was incredible to watch the lift happen! She described it as a tightening sensation, & that she could feel the lift. Since I initially made a mistake by applying a second layer, I noticed a white cast left behind under her eye. The directions explained it was because I applied too much product. It was easily remedied by dampening the brush & gently pressing where the white cast appeared. The results after 7 minutes were mind blowing! Athena 7-Minute Lift tightened & smoothed the problem areas that took years away from her skin.

Results were after 7 minutes!

Tummy, Thighs, Buttocks? Smooth it out & lift it up!

Adonia Tummy Tone can help shave off unwanted inches from your waist line, thighs and even buttocks! After months of quarantine, everything around one’s mid-section can start to feel a little ‘mushy’. Adonia Tummy Tone can tighten your love handles so you wont be afraid to show off your mid section.

The process may take some time, but believe me it is worth it. My waist went down 1 3/4 inches and my thighs went down one inch! Adonia Tummy Tone is incredible with results that are simply mind blowing!

This is definitely a product you need some preparation for. I applied a thin layer of Adonia Tummy Tone on my mid section concentrating on my ‘love handles‘ and massaged it in. Immediately a second layer was applied on top but I did not massage it in. I tightly wrapped my waist 3 times with saran wrap and took an extra step (not required) and put on my waist trainer.

It was time to get comfortable and lay down for an hour with a blanket draped over my midsection. Passing the time was easy; simply put on a favorite show on Netflix and let Adonia Tummy Tone work. After removing the saran wrap, I was pleasantly surprised at the difference! My husband’s jaw dropped when he saw the results and I personally could not stop staring in the mirror!

Contour Like a Pro

Venics Beauty Contour Sponge retails $19.99 USD

The power of make-up is amazing. You can really chisel out your features and knock years off your age. Venics Beauty Contour Sponge is a must have in your make up kit. It comes with a sturdy travel case so it will not get destroyed in your make up bag.

Why contour you ask? Contouring enhances and defines the overall structure to your face. The Ventics Beauty Contour Sponge can do it all!! Simply dampen your sponge (it will become double the size) and dip into your favorite makeup products. Ventics Beauty Contour Sponge can be used with liquid or powdered makeup in a variety of techniques.

You can apply & blend primer and foundation with a simple bouncing motion with the rounded end of the sponge. Flip it over to the more precision pointed ends for concealer application (gets right into the corners of your eyes) or use it to cut a beautiful sharp line along the hallows of your cheeks & under your jaw line.

Ventics Beauty Contour Sponge can apply, blend & set your make-up for a flawless look that makes you look and feel ageless!

What are some of your favorite anti-aging beauty tricks?

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