Treat Yourself With Healthy Ice Cream

Treat Yourself With Healthy Ice Cream - Re:THINK Ice Cream
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Treat Yourself With Healthy Ice Cream

Summer may officially be coming to an end, but the fun isn’t quite over yet for my family. I’m a big fan of Stephen King. I’ve been reading his novels and watching screen adaptations of his work for many years. My oldest daughter has become a fan and borrowed many of his books from my bookshelf.

My husband has even gotten on the King train (sort of) and will watch with us sometimes. We most recently watched In The Tall Grass on Netflix, based on a horror novella written by Stephen King and his son, Joe Hill. I haven’t read the novella yet, and I thought the screen adaptation was good. But, I think my husband liked it even more than I did.

IT: Chapter 2 movie ticket stub

Our family (the kids are all teens and young adults now) recently went to the movie theater to watch Stephen King’s It: Chapter 2 together, followed by a family pizza night with ice cream for dessert.

Family movie and pizza night with Re:THINK Ice Cream for dessert.
Family movie and pizza night with Re:THINK Ice Cream for dessert.

The movie theater was giving out fun IT-themed popcorn buckets with a design of Pennywise’s signature red balloons on it. How cool is that?!

Stephen King's IT: Chapter 2 popcorn bucket

Re:THINK Ice Cream was a delicious, creamy treat to end our fun family night. It’s made with healthy ingredients for a dessert that doesn’t have to be sinful. We were delighted to find that all of the flavors we tried are so sweet and flavorful that we totally forgot we were eating something healthy.

Re:THINK Ice Cream Black Cherry Vanilla
Re:THINK Ice Cream Black Cherry Vanilla

Re:THINK’s line of ice cream offers really unique flavor combinations. My daughter’s and my favorite out of them all was Black Cherry Vanilla. This is just what it says it is, gorgeous black cherries mixed with smooth, sweet Madsgascar vanilla bean ice cream.

Many cherry vanilla ice creams seem to have pockets of fruit flavor; like, it’ll come through to the taste buds every now and again. This one … well, let’s just say that the fruit got more of my attention than the vanilla flavor. The vanilla ice cream was like a constant undercurrent for the fruit. I never go back for seconds when it comes to ice cream, but I had to this time!

ReTHINK Ice Cream Coconut Matcha
ReTHINK Ice Cream Coconut Matcha

The flavor that most surprised me was Coconut Matcha. When I put a spoonful into my mouth I could immediately feel the organic unsweetened coconut flakes. I wasn’t expecting that. I guess I thought it would be flavored with coconut, not have flakes in it. I love everything about this flavor from the pretty green color of the matcha ingredient to the soft coconut flakes. My second favorite Re:THINK flavor for sure, a pretty close runner up to Black Cherry Vanilla.

My youngest daughter is as much a fan of chocolate as I am, so I wasn’t surprised at all when she pretty much claimed the Chocolate Majesty for herself. It’s chocolate ice cream with Ghirardelli Majesty cocoa and dark chocolate flakes.

I was lucky to get even one spoonful of this one! It was the first to be emptied because every time I turned around I found my daughter curled up in her room with it in her hands, enjoying it while engrossed in whatever TV show she was watching in there.

I’m not a huge fan of nuts in ice cream. But, one evening my in-laws came over for dinner. For dessert we pulled out several flavors of Re:THINK Ice Cream to share. My mother-in-law was quite taken with the Black Cherry Vanilla, too. I think that might have been the evening that we finished off that flavor. But, I sent her home with a full container of Re:THINK Almond Asteroid to enjoy! (since she does like nuts) This is is almond ice cream with roasted almonds and dark chocolate flakes.

Re:THINK Ice Cream

Every single flavor combination is made with such attention to balancing flavor. I like ice cream but don’t go out of my way to buy it at the grocery store very often. I would definitely go out of my way to add Re:THINK ice cream to my list. 

Re:THINK Ice Cream Benefits
Image Credit: Re:THINK Ice Cream

What I like best about it is that a small dish of ice cream is so packed with flavor that I don’t find myself looking for a large bowl to fill. Just a small dessert dish is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and feel like I’m having the best treat of all time. I find myself actually taking small bites and totally savoring the flavors on my tongue rather than scarfing the whole bowl like I usually do.

Okay, I think you get the picture. I really, really, really love this ice cream. Not only because the different flavor options taste great, but because the super smooth texture is pleasing, a small amount is enough to satisfy me, and they look really pretty in my fancy dessert dishes.

But, also because we can indulge ourselves without worrying about things like calories or sugar content. With 7-8 grams of protein, 7-9 grams of sugar, and 140-170 calories per serving (depending on the flavor you choose) Re:THINK Ice Cream is a smooth bowl of out of this world flavor without all the guilt.

Re:THINK Ice Cream

Weight Watcher users will find that this dessert option will be a great one, costing either 6 or 7 points (again, depending on your flavor choice). Re:THINK Ice Cream is low glycemic, too, so it’s a really great option for diabetics that have to watch sugar levels. Ice cream with half the fat and calories and 2/3 less sugar and carbs than traditional ice cream brands? Yes, please!

Re:THINK Ice Cream can be shipped to you. It comes in a thick packaging container with dry ice to keep it frozen. Mine arrived straight to my door just as frozen as if I’d just pulled it from my freezer. Or, you can check your local grocery store to see if they carry it. If they don’t, make a request for them to stock it. You won’t regret it!

As I sit here writing, I am enjoying a creamy bowl of Strawberry Chia Seed ice cream. Sinful and healthy aren’t two words one might normally use to describe the same snack. But, they both definitely apply here!

ReTHINK Ice Cream Strawberry with Chia Seed
ReTHINK Ice Cream Strawberry with Chia Seed

Check out Re:THINK Ice Cream’s website to find out all the flavor inspiration, high-quality ingredients, and nutritional information you need to know. And then dive in, guilt-free!

Treat Yourself With Healthy Ice Cream

Treat Yourself With Healthy Ice Cream

Which Re:THINK Ice Cream flavor is calling out to you?

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  1. Jackie says

    All the flavors sound delicious, but I’d really love to try the Re:THINK Almond Asteroid flavor.

    • Wendy says

      They are all delicious. I just can’t with nuts in my food (mostly, with a very few exceptions). Stems back to childhood when I took a bite of a Snickers candy bar and gagged on it. Can’t seem to move past that old experience. LOL

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