Travel To The Tropics With Vegan Sunscreen Products

Travel To The Tropics With Vegan Sunscreen Products

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We all know that sunscreen is important, and we also all know that the modern environment’s pollutants have made pure, trustworthy, and effective products seem like an impossibly distant myth. But there is hope—and its name is Sun Bum!

Silly name aside, this brand has a lot of serious benefits to offer customers: products that fit all of the above criteria, cruelty-free status, beautiful packaging, and a variety of offerings to boot, including some vegan products like the Original Sunscreen and Cool Down Hydrating After Sun Lotion that I received! They even offer baby-safe lotions and hair products ranging from shampoo to treatments to sea spray.

Since I (being on the paler and sunburn-prone end of the spectrum) was focusing on reviewing Sun Bum’s sunscreens, I received products that targeted that particular area. The first, unsurprisingly, was Sun Bum’s SPF 15 Original Sunscreen (if you have skin that requires a higher SPF, the line offers the same sunscreen with SPFs 30, 50, and 70).

Sun Bum Original Sunscreen and Sun Bum Cool Down After Sun Lotion

Sun Bum is a line based in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and the packaging of this sunscreen immediately brings tropical sunsets and comfortable sandals to mind. It’s a white, cool liquid, just like most other sunscreens, but the best (and most significant) aspect of this product’s appeal? Its smell. I kid you not: this sunscreen smells nothing like sunscreen. For the first time in my life, summer will not be a season of that ever-familiar, but never-quite-pleasant aroma. Instead, it will be a season of light, somewhat fruity smells, because this–and all of the other products that I received–smells delicious, relaxing, and wonderful. Whatever their secrets may be, Sun Bum has mastered the perfect sunscreen smell. And as far as its effectiveness goes, this sunscreen seems to do the job just as it should!

The next product was one that, for me, has been necessary far too many times: aloe-infused cooling lotion to comfort the skin after the sunburns have begun to rear their ugly and inflamed heads. Sun Bum’s ‘Cool Down’ Hydrating After Sun Lotion contains Aloe and Vitamin E for both “intense hydration” and “gentle” restoration of the skin–and it certainly delivers! I (fortunately) didn’t have a sunburn to relieve, but this thin, milky liquid was pleasant and cold on the skin anyway, and it definitely pairs well with the sunscreen! The smell was also just as lovely! (Note: Sun Bum recommends storing this product in the refrigerator for a particularly cooling sensation.)

I received both of the aforementioned products in their standard packaging, but as it turns out, many of Sun Bum’s products also come in sprays and face-sticks for on-the-go application! If that’s more your speed, then try those versions of the products–and that brings me to another Sun Bum offering, one that is particularly convenient to apply: lip balm!

Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm

I was very pleasantly surprised to realize that I had received not one, but five of Sun Bum’s SPF 30 Lip Balms. Each is a decent size with the same adorable packaging as the other products, and the flavors that I received–Coconut, Banana, Mango, Pomegranate, and Pink Grapefruit–all smell like their names would suggest. The balm itself looks a bit like Vaseline, and goes on very smoothly over the lips to give them a clear gloss; that original layer isn’t particularly long-lasting, but the flavor does stay on my lips all day long, and–since these flavors are delicious–that was a definite perk!

The last product that I received was a completely unexpected bonus: a book called A to Z of D-Toxing by Sophie Ruan Gushee . The author even personally signed it! This book is a veritable encyclopedia of toxins in the average person’s modern-day world, and I’ll definitely be turning to it whenever I need to investigate the potential hazards of a certain product. This book would also be excellent for any mothers who are concerned about toxins in the household; Gushee discusses everything from cleaning products to sugars!

So, if Sun Bum’s vegan and all-around awesome products convince you to head in a less toxic direction with your shopping choices, then grab a copy of The A to Z of D-Toxing as well. The modern world is full of new, insidious threats in our daily lives, but with guides like Sophie Ruan Gushee and brands like Sun Bum, we can make ourselves a whole lot safer. Do as Sun Bum’s website says, and “Trust the Bum”!

Interested in Sun Bum? Check out their fantastic website (hint: there’s a funny discount code to be found on the bottom of their page!) and follow them on social media at the links below!


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