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Looking for the perfect workout bra for your body type? Workout apparel selection is often a very daunting task for me as it can be difficult to find clothing and undergarments that work for your body without bunching, moving around or otherwise distracting you from the task at hand…getting fit! SheFit® has developed a workout bra for us ladies that stays put, gives us the coverage we need and is, most importantly, comfortable!

One great feature of the SheFit® Sports Bra is that it doesn’t crush and bunch your breasts into one weird looking lump in the middle of your chest. Yes, we’ve all bought workout bras that are beautiful aesthetically only to find, once put to the test, that they just don’t work well. I can’t tell you how many I’ve purchased that look like they’d be perfect only to find that they move around while I’m working out, don’t absorb the sweat and/or don’t contain or support my breasts. It is SO frustrating!

SheFit Sports Bra

See what I mean? No matter your body type or fitness level, the SheFit® Sports Bra fits great, provides great lift and keeps all of your moving parts where you want them to be. So whether you prefer walking or running, low-impact cardio or yoga, weight lifting or dance-inspired fitness routines, or if you participate in active contact sports this workout bra could very well be the last one you ever try. The straps are wide enough to provide great support but not so big that they create skin irritation from rubbing or digging into your shoulders. I love the contemporary yet simple design. No more frumpy styles for us larger ladies. This workout bra can be paired with so many different styles of bottoms from leggings to shorts, or whatever style of workout pant you prefer.

Available in black, turquoise and pink there is a color available that you will fall in love with. I chose the turquoise sport bra because that’s one of my favorite colors.

SheFit Sports Bra

I love the gorgeous, vibrant color and the moisture-wicking material is not only thick and strong but so comfortable, too. The design makes me feel like the company has taken into consideration not only looks but also the incredible diversity of a woman’s body, as well. They have built adjustability into every facet of this bra with the velcro of the shoulder straps (which can be worn two ways in an H-Back or X-Back configuration) as well as around the back. And you don’t have to worry about the front popping open unexpectedly due to the hefty zipper and interior hooks. From a comfort standpoint, the extra material around the top and bottom of the exterior and all down the inside means you won’t get stabbed while working out by the zipper or hooks. Genius!

SheFit Sports Bra

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the SheFit® Sports Bra and apparel line are not only made with women’s needs in mind (with comfort, fit and style as top priorities), they are made in a way that supports our country’s economy, as well. Just another in a long line of Pros for this brand. I haven’t found a single thing to dislike about this product yet!

How many sports bras have you tried and been disappointed by? Would you be excited to try the SheFit® Sports Bra? If so, which of their beautiful colors would you choose?

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