The Benefits of Family Game Nights During The Winter

The Benefits of Family Game Nights During The Winter -- Blue Orange Games - MindBlock - TopiCubes - TumbleMaze
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These cold months have already found us! Many of us are looking for fun activities to do with our families as we’re snowed in. Did you know that there are benefits of family game nights during the winter?

The Benefits of Family Game Nights During The Winter -- Blue Orange Games - MindBlock - TopiCubes - TumbleMaze
My son is ALWAYS ready for game night!

It helps start a dialog between parents and their children. Games teach life lessons, friendly competition, and rule following. Family game nights also promote critical thinking, team work, and problem solving. Playing a game together as a family encourages so much positive growth and development. Actually, it’s also a great way to bond and make memories together that the whole family will always cherish.

The Benefits of Family Game Nights During The Winter -- Blue Orange Games - MindBlock - TopiCubes - TumbleMaze

As a mom and some one who works in our school systems, I really love products by Blue Orange Games. These games are terrific because they’re creative, unique, and just plain fun! Mindblock is one of our favorites and a classic go-to for Family Game Nights.

Discover your abilities

Blue Orange Games - MindBlock

This game promotes math skills, encourages children to use their attention and focusing abilities, and cultivates critical thinking. However, your kids will have so much fun playing Mindblock, they will have no clue that they’re learning as well!

Blue Orange Games - MindBlock

Basically, this game is Rummy with stacking blocks. Each player will create sets and runs by combining blocks that range in height from 1 to 7. Sets are made with 3 or 4 blocks of the same size, but different colors. Runs are made up of 3 or more blocks of the same color in consecutive order. But, you will need to stay on your toes, think ahead, make important decisions, and keep track of what’s on the table. Playing Mindblock brought us lots of laughs, deep thought, and fun!

Get creative

Topicubes is seriously an absolute blast to play with friends and family! We like to bring this game out also when we’re having holiday parties.

Blue Orange Games - TopiCubes

Actually, it’s a great game for kids and adults to play together. The Topicubes game promotes language development and creativity. Players roll 10 dice, 5 with a letter, and 5 with an illustrated topic, and race to find matching words. A winning matching word must start with one of the letters showing on a die, and must belong to one of the categories showing on a die of a different color.

Blue Orange Games - TopiCubes

Categories can be television programs, animals, foods, famous people, and countless more. You can expect your creativity to be tested and tons of laughter from everyone playing!

Challenge each other

Tumble Maze is a game made for one player, however our family has turned it into a family event.

Blue Orange Games - TumbleMaze

We love to take turns and challenge each other to get the balls into their proper spots! When playing the Tumble Maze game, the player will take part in a gravity powered puzzle game and try to have each ball reach its destination.

Blue Orange Games - TumbleMaze

You will need to maneuver past obstacles and use special walls to make your goal!

Winter family game nights are the best! This is because it encourages fun, life skills, and building family bonds. So, brew up some hot chocolate, bring out the snacks, put on your coziest pajamas, and gather together for a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime!

The Benefits of Family Game Nights During The Winter -- Blue Orange Games - TumbleMaze
Everything you need for a perfect family game night! Prepare to make memories and have lots of fun!

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