Easter Goodies To Share

Easter was always a chance for our family to get together and catch up. It was also a time to gather for a nice day and food! As kids, we remember coloring Easter eggs and even finding those plastic Easter eggs! Are you looking for Easter goodies to share with your family? We found a few fun treats to try!

Easter Goodies To Share
Beauty Brite Disclosure

This post is in collaboration with Stephanie and Kansas.

How did you celebrate Easter? How do you celebrate Easter with your family? Wendy shares her favorite Easter basket ideas and Easter crafts!

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A Healthier Way To Do Dessert

A Healthier Way To Do Dessert-San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baking Mixes

Beauty Brite DisclosureI am a huge fan of desserts. Plunk down a piece of cake or pie, a few spoonfuls of cobbler (with vanilla ice cream on top, of course), or cheesecake down in front of me and I’m in hog heaven. Brownies are a particular favorite in my household and we make them pretty regularly.

My sister-in-law has a gluten sensitivity so my mother-in-law has started experimenting with some gluten-free types of different foods to make sure that there are options available at family get-togethers. For this fact I was really interested to come across some gluten-free brownie baking mixes from Sans Sucre™ from Bernard Food Industries. It would be great to be able to take a dessert to family functions that she didn’t have to look longingly at but take a pass on. [read more]