Easter Goodies To Share

Easter was always a chance for our family to get together and catch up. It was also a time to gather for a nice day and food! As kids, we remember coloring Easter eggs and even finding those plastic Easter eggs! Are you looking for Easter goodies to share with your family? We found a few fun treats to try!

Easter Goodies To Share
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How did you celebrate Easter? How do you celebrate Easter with your family? Wendy shares her favorite Easter basket ideas and Easter crafts!

Easter Treats

Easter Deluxe Bar Sprite and Cookie Combo in gift box

I received the lovely Easter Deluxe Bar, Sprite & Cookie Combo from FairyTale Brownies. As you can see, it is the perfect gift for Easter! This makes a great treat to bring to work to share with coworkers, family get-togethers, share with friends, or to keep for you and your family.

Easter Deluxe Bar Sprite and Cookie Combo out of box

My box contained a sampling of brownies, cookies, and bars! Each individually wrapped, which is perfect for sharing! I love chocolate, so those went fast! Each treat was delicious without being too sweet! The taste was perfect and each piece was more than enough to indulge!

Brownie and Cookie on a plate

I liked having one or two treats at a time. Usually, they were pretty hearty, so one piece is enough. I preferred the brownies, cookies, and bars with nuts or chocolate chips for the extra crunch!

Organic Candy

OCHO Candy Caramel Egg

As the momma of four little ones, I am always looking for a great treat for my kids. I was sent three bags of the OCHO Caramel Eggs, and couldn’t wait to try them. The perfect size for little hands to hold and enjoy. With my oldest having a peanut allergy it can be difficult to find candy that she can enjoy but these caramel eggs are perfect. She was so excited to finally have a treat she didn’t have to worry about eating.

With OCHO Candy Caramel Egg being organic candies, they are everything that I’ve been looking for in a candy. With real ingredients, I don’t have to guess what is in them. These creamy chocolate eggs are filled with delicious caramel, not too sweet. The trick is to just stop at one! I may ( or may not ) have hidden a bag just for me to enjoy! Momma has to do what momma has to do!

These individually wrapped candies are perfect to share or to stash away on the go. OCHO Candy is a hit in our house. From chocolate to peanut butter there is something that everyone will love.

What are your Easter traditions? Let us know what your favorite Easter candies are! Do you make your own Easter baskets?

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