A Healthier Way To Do Dessert

A Healthier Way To Do Dessert-San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baking Mixes

Beauty Brite DisclosureI am a huge fan of desserts. Plunk down a piece of cake or pie, a few spoonfuls of cobbler (with vanilla ice cream on top, of course), or cheesecake down in front of me and I’m in hog heaven. Brownies are a particular favorite in my household and we make them pretty regularly.

My sister-in-law has a gluten sensitivity so my mother-in-law has started experimenting with some gluten-free types of different foods to make sure that there are options available at family get-togethers. For this fact I was really interested to come across some gluten-free brownie baking mixes from Sans Sucre™ from Bernard Food Industries. It would be great to be able to take a dessert to family functions that she didn’t have to look longingly at but take a pass on.


San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baking Mixes

No one in my household has a gluten sensitivity, so I’ve not researched the issue or made changes in food products and ingredients or even looked for gluten-free recipes to try for ourselves. And we don’t entertain in our home very often, except around the holidays. So, my interest in the issue is really one of convenience, largely, to allow me to easily make a gluten-free dish or dessert to offer if the occasion arises.

My interest in Sans Sucreâ„¢ baking mixes was peaked because I love brownies and mousses so I definitely wanted to try their product line since they offer these delicious desserts. I selected the following products:


San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baking Mixes

Since my interest is in gluten-free alternatives to offer to my sister-in-law at family dinners, I figured this would be a good selection to make some fun and delicious dessert options. In addition to making the selected brownie and mousse mixes, I decided to make some homemade whipped topping and have various toppings to add to them, as well.


San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baking Mixes-prepping brownie and blondie mixes

The first step was to make the brownie mixes. I have to mention here that I love the packaging for these baking mixes. The design is clear, well-designed and uncluttered. There’s nothing I hate more than picking up a baking mix and having to search among too much written information to find the preparation instructions or squinting my eyes to read too-small print (especially when it comes to the Nutrition Information). So I really appreciate the fact that the written information on the packaging is easily large enough to read quickly and the information that I most want is all that is there. First thumbs up!

In addition to being gluten-free and sugar-free (the mixes are sweetened with Stevia), they are also low in sodium and cholesterol. Also, on the side of the boxes, you can find recipe ideas to take your brownie experience up a notch. For each of these mixes, you will need ⅔ cup water and 4 Tablespoons or ¼ cup vegetable oil. I added the mix and additional ingredients to my stand mixer and let her do the work of combining the mixes for me.

I love my stand mixer. I’ve wanted one for years and hubby was kind enough to buy me this one. I’ve used the heck out of it already! It definitely came in handy this summer when I volunteered to make 5 chocolate bundt cakes each week for the two weeks of my son’s marching band camp for the kids to have for dessert after their group dinners.

With the fudge and blondie brownie mixes combined and spread out in pans for baking, I turned my attention to the key lime and chocolate mousse mixes.


San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baking Mixes-prepping and mixing of mousse mixes

Again, I used my stand mixer to do the work for me. All you need to add to the powdered mix is very cold milk. Super easy! The mousse mixes have Diabetic Exchange information on the packaging, which I didn’t see on the brownie mixes. They have recipe ideas on the outside of the boxes, too. There are other mousse flavor options available (cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, lemon, mocha cappuccino, strawberry, and french vanilla) that I can’t wait to try.

I was delighted to watch the mousse mixes whip up into such a beautiful and smooth consistency. I had to take a spoon and do a small taste test once they were prepared. Of course, I did, what kind of baker do you think I am?! (Ha ha) Second thumbs up!

Many times when trying desserts made with sweeteners other than sugar I will notice an aftertaste that I don’t really enjoy. I did get a small aftertaste from the sweeteners from these mousses, but it didn’t linger so long as others I have tried and it was a very mild, actually pleasant taste. It was almost like the enjoyable aspect of the taste of the mousse was prolonged for more satisfaction, if that makes any sense. I am pleased, needless to say, with the way these desserts are shaping up at this point.

Now for the homemade whipped cream. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, you can google it and find lots of great recipes. The best tip I found regarding this topping is to make it in a stainless steel bowl and to put the bowl and whisk in the freezer for 10-15 minutes immediately before making it. The extreme coldness of these tools helps the whipped cream come together and fluff up better.


Making Homemade Whipped Cream

There are many recipes for homemade whipped cream and some use slightly different ingredients than others. For the batch, I’m making today the recipe called for heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and powdered sugar. I have some vanilla bean paste that I’ve been hankering to find a recipe to try it in and this seems like a good one. Vanilla bean paste is a thicker vanilla product than what most people are familiar with using in recipes and it contains visible flakes of vanilla bean.


San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baking Mixes-baked brownies and blondies with chocolate mousse and key lime pie mousse

For topping options, I decided on flaked coconut, chocolate chips, hot fudge sauce, and candy sprinkles. (Note: I highly doubt any of the toppings or the whipped cream are gluten-free, just to be clear.)

And now, for the finished product! I decided to pair the Classic Blondie Brownies with Key Lime Pie Mousse, top it with whipped topping and flaked coconut. 

San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baking Mixes

And, my favorite of the two, I topped the Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Chocolate Mousse, whipped topping, hot fudge sauce, candy sprinkles and chocolate chips. I thought the brownie had a really nice chocolate flavor. This richness comes from the European-style Dutch Cocoa that is used in the ingredients.

San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baking Mixes

I could have used some decorating tools to pipe the mousse and whipped topping onto the brownies to make them look a little nicer. But, honestly, I was so keen to actually try the desserts that I just didn’t take the time for that.

I really need to have more thumbs, since I’m already using the two I have for the beautiful, user-friendly packaging and the gorgeous way the mousses whipped up. I need at least two more thumbs, one for each finished dessert, at a minimum. So, four thumbs up…never mind that I don’t have four of them!

My judgement: they are both delicious! While I have already established that I’m not incredibly learned in gluten-free food options, of the few that I have tried I think these are the best so far. The chocolate brownie and mousse actually taste chocolate-y (which some other brands I’ve tried have not, so much, been in my opinion) and the key lime pie mousse had a delightful tartness to it that I didn’t expect from a recipe that didn’t contain full sugar ingredients.



Kitties!On a side note, I’d like to introduce you to three of my kitties. The light grey and peach one on the far end there is Gypsy, in the middle is Elle, and the tri-color beauty on the near end is Pippa. These three sat on these stools, sitting at attention, watching me for most of the time that I was preparing the desserts.

If they could talk, I know they would have been regaling with with an annoying refrain of “Are they done yet?â€, “I’m starving!â€, and “Can I try it, Mom, puh-lease?!?!?!?!†As it is, it took long enough that they gave up the ghost and had to succumb to a short kitty nap. Sorry girls, no dessert for you. I don’t think these are kitty-friendly. (sad face)

In conclusion, I’d definitely make these again and not only feel good offering them to guests with gluten sensitivity but also enjoy sampling them again for myself. So, for that, thank you Sans Sucre. Two thumbs up!

Does anyone in your inner circle suffer from gluten sensitivity issues? Have you triedSans Sucreâ„¢ products? If so, share your impressions with us!


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  1. These desserts really look delicious. I had never heard of these baking mixes though.

  2. Anna Mitchell says

    I am gluten intolerant but I’ve never heard of this company! Their food looks amazing!

  3. tat2gurlzrock says

    This is the first time I have heard of them. This looks so good!

  4. Oh wow! These look awesome! My granddaughter is gluten free so this is perfect. Thanks!

  5. Jessica Edwards says

    This is so cool. I have family members with gluten allergies and it is very hard to find tasty treats that are also gluten free. Thanks for sharing and widening my horizon for gluten free desserts

  6. Melissa Storms says

    I have not tried anything from Sans Sucre yet but am going to check them out. My husband has severe psoriasis and it has been suggested that a gf diet may help. We are definitely dessert lovers here.

  7. gloria patterson says

    The cats made me smile. My sister in laws mother was told about her gluten problem over 20 years ago. And it was almost impossible for her to find any thing she could eat. Today in the store they have gluten free aisles. These look great will have to tell my sister in law

  8. Brandon Sparks says

    I never heard of this kind before but it really does look amazing..

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