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Being a momma in my late 30’s, it is hard to find the time for a little self care let alone feel beautiful. Yet sometimes you need to stop and take a moment (or an hour) to give yourself a quick makeover for a confidence boost. It’s amazing how a cute outfit and a little bit of makeup can help a girl feel extra special.

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Soft, Natural & Simply Beautiful

Natural and light make-up is trending right now in the beauty world. Charlotte Tilbury delivered once again on a new gorgeous collection, the Instant Look of Love. From the stunning packaging to the high quality makeup, it is a collection that is a must have for any makeup lover!

The Look Of Love

The Instant Look of Love pallets are simply jaw-dropping. The packaging is gorgeous! The pallet itself is heavy in weight with a sleek luxurious look and feel. All the shadows and pressed powders are soft to the touch and melt right into your skin. The eyeshadows are rich in pigment and blend together beautifully. The glitters in the eyeshadows were not chunky. The glitters were finely milled and had a sophisticated look to it when applied. Being a woman who is almost in her 40’s, I need to be careful with glitters in highlights and shadows since they can emphasize fine lines. These were perfect for my skin and they did not exaggerate fine lines or pores.

The lipsticks are all nudes and can compliment any skin tone. My favorite is Wedding Bells, which worked well with my fair skin. The packaging on all of Charlotte Tilbury‘s lipsticks are like owning a piece of luxury. It is a heavy component that is embossed with diamonds. They look beautiful on a vanity, like a piece of art. There was extra attention payed to the actual lipsticks themselves. Each one had been embossed, something you do not see with your average lipstick. They also had a yummy chocolate scent to them that was not overwhelming to the senses, so they can be great for anyone, even those who have a scent sensitivity.

Charlotte Tilbury‘s lipsticks are very creamy and apply smoothly. They have long lasting staying power that is surprising for a creamy lipstick. There is some transfer when giving a smooch and drinking from a cup. After an all day wear test, I only had to re-apply once after having a rather messy lunch of tacos. Out of the entire Charlotte Tilbury Look of Love collection, the lipsticks are my absolute favorite and something I would highly recommend to friends.

The Tinted Love cheek and lip glosses are an interesting product and not my favorite out of the entire collection. I do prefer to use them as a lip gloss rather than a cheek blush. They have a wide doe-foot applicatior for easy application. It is not thick or sticky and leans more towards a wet, almost watery feel on the lips upon inital application. The Tinted Love cheek and lip glosses dried down more to a lip stain. It gave a wash of color to my lips, but not so much a glossy one. I did not notice any transfer, and the color lasted all day.

As a cheek blush, I only needed a tiny swipe on each cheek and my fingertips provided the best application. I had to work quickly to avoid streaks since it dried down quickly. Once blended out, it gave a flushed look to my cheeks. I definitley want to play with it more as a cheek blush since I did enjoy the flush of color.

Are you ready to get the Instant Look of Love? Share your favorite Charlotte Tilbury product in the comments below!

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  1. Barbara says

    The Wedding Bells lipstick is on my want list at the moment!!

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