Spring Cleaning Supplies You Need In Your LIFE! (Giveaway and Free Printable)

Spring Cleaning Tips (Giveaway and Free Printable)
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Being in the house, I’ve been doing cleaning projects almost every day…why you ask?  Because I have some cool CLEANING SUPPLIES to get me through all the freshening up the home!

Guess what you can get the same cleaning supplies, too- if you win our GIVEAWAY! (See below)

Each week I pick a room to clean and do a project to enhance the cleanup.  Last week I cleaned the living room and rearranged the room. When you rearrange furniture, it is far easier to clean, plus you get to do the DEEP CLEAN it needs.  Oh my gosh, I found so many things under the couch- umm thanks to the oldest teen and the dog.  

Okay, now let’s get back to the cleaning supplies. Here are a few ideas on how to use Libman products


  • Clean Fridge– Wipe down all shelves and drawers-Don’t forget the outside of the fridge too. Soap and sponges! 
  • Wipe down the freezer- Throw out all expired foods. Put all other food aside. Wipe down with warm water and baking soda. Put on rubber gloves. 
  • Scrub down the oven and microwave-Set the oven to self-clean while you scrub down the microwave with a sponge.
Libman Cleaning Supplies- gloves, sponge, and scrubbers


  • Clean Fan Blades- With duster or dusting cloths. 
  • Floorboards– Wipe down your baseboards with spray and cloth. You’ll quickly erase built-up dust, dirt, and grime and capture it into the microfiber cloth.
  • Tops of doors and picture frames– Use a feather duster to go over the tops of doors and the edges of photo frames.  So much dust builds up, and we forget these areas. 
Libman cleaning tools- Duster, brushes and toilet bowl cleaner


  • Toilet Bowl -For a fast toilet cleanup, pour a cup of bleach in the toilet, wait ten minutes, then swoosh it clean with a Toilet Bowl Brush.
  • Chrome fixtures– If they look dull, polish them with baby oil, and a sponge.
  • Fixtures- Work from top to bottom in your bathroom, dusting light fixtures and shelves with a  Microfiber Sponge Cloth
All purpose cleaner and Glass & Mirror cleaners

Schedule a day each week you want to clean and what room (or the whole house).  We usually do a full house clean up with the kids involved on Saturdays.  They clean their rooms, I clean the kitchen and living room, and the husband cleans the outside.  Teamwork makes the dream work! But these days we don’t get down and dirty just a simple clean.  

Make sure you have the following cleaning supplies, and you are all set to go!  By the way, these are also the products plus a caddy you can win (enter below) 

Spring Cleaning Giveaway- Gift Basket

Cleaning takes effort, but if you have the right cleaning tools, it will be a breeze.  I love a clean house; it is part of my love language. Get your family involved- they live there too.  Create new cleaning habits during this time at home plus take the time to DECLUTTER! 

I also created this Spring Cleaning Checklist for you to print out and make sure you get all the important areas.

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: What room in your house needs a DEEP CLEAN? Please leave your comment below and we will pick a winner on MAY 8th!

P.S- The other item you need is the Libman Wonder Mop (which isn’t in the giveaway pack).  I bought the Libman mop last month, and it was the best thing for my cleaning addiction.  I can wash the mop head in the wash at least 50 times!   

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  1. Pauline Milner says

    Our spare bedroom, which doubles as my craft room, is in almost constant need of deep cleaning. My craft area is always clean and the bedroom itself is not dirty, but the bed and adjacent dresser are a drop off point for anything we are too lazy to put away or things that need to find a home. Every time I clean the spare room, my husband and I say we are going to stop using it as a drop off zone, but, alas, it needs another good cleaning as I am writing this comment! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  2. Dawn Jozwiak says

    I have been deep cleaning and decluttering my apartment since our stay at home order started, but the area I would really want to get to is my kitchen cupboards. I want to clean them out and reorganize everything.

  3. Edna Williams says

    That would be my kitchen, hands down!

  4. Cathy French says

    My kitchen needs a deep clean. From the insides of the refrigerator to the cabinet fronts all need a good scrubbing

  5. barbara dunaway says

    my Bathroom

  6. Darlene Owen says

    Our bathroom needs a deep clean.

  7. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    My kitchen needs a deep clean in my home. I keep everything picked up and put up but I need to do deep cleaning I several rooms, with my kitchen being on top of that list.

  8. My main focus is two bathrooms right now!! floors and tubs and toilets!

  9. Kelly Kimmell says

    My kitchen needs a deep cleaning the most.

  10. Cheryl Tynes says

    My daughter’s bathroom is the room that needs scrubbing the most. She’s a teenage girl, so she’s not the cleanest she could be.

  11. Alicia Hewitt says

    My kitchen, and my bathroom, need a deep cleaning. I do clean those rooms on a regular basis, but they could use a thorough cleaning.

  12. My laundy room needs a deep clean!! I need to sweep behind the washer, dryer, and freezer. I need to organize the shelves and dust them too!

  13. Susan Smith says

    My kitchen needs a deep cleaning the most. I keep putting off cleaning the oven and the refrigerator/freezer.

  14. My kitchen needs lots of love. My English bulldog leaves slobber everywhere.

  15. My kitchen definitely needs some deep cleaning!

  16. Shelly Peterson says

    My bathroom needs a deep clean.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  17. Hannah Chase says

    My bathroom definitely needs a deep clean!

  18. my office could really use a deep clean will have to tackle that at some point for sure

  19. Maryann D. says

    I would say my master bathroom does need a Deep Clean. The shower area is always hard to keep clean and the ceramic tile flooring also.

  20. Sharon Rooney says

    My bedroom could use a deep clean. My closet is jam packed and is in need of some serious weeding out. LOL The rest of the room is in pretty good shape but could use some attention.

  21. My kitchen could use a deep clean. Although I service clean every day, the cabinets and appliances (and behind them) could use a good cleaning.

  22. Melissa Storms says

    Oh man, our spare bedroom needs a lot of work. Hopefully things will change and my mom will be able to come for her regular visit this yea and this room needs a deep clean and declutter.

  23. Jeremy McLaughlin says

    Our bathroom needs a deep clean.

  24. My kid’s bedrooms all need a serious deep cleaning!

  25. Barbara L Blanton says

    Both of my Bathrooms and my garage

  26. Irma Hernandez says

    My kitchen needs a deep clean for sure!

  27. I living room carpet and furniture need a deep cleaning. 3 kids can really make a mess.

  28. That would have to be my kitchen. From the cabinets to the floors.

  29. Well, it’s now really a room in my house…it’s our garage. It’s a mess. Back in early August, we moved from a huge house, into a teeny tiny one. We purged a lot, but we still have so much stuff just stacked up out there, which makes it really hard to clean. I need to get everything moved out, gone through, given away, thrown away, etc. (tell that to my husband PLEASE), so that I can sweep, get rid of the cobwebs, organize, etc.

  30. My bathroom in my hallway really needs a good deep cleaning.

  31. My kitchen!! Would like to deep clean cabinets tile etc!!

  32. Charlene S. says

    My family room really needs a deep cleaning.

  33. Kayla Jahde says

    I feel like the whole house could use a deep cleaning! But right now, I’d say the kitchen!

  34. I feel like my whole house could do well from a deep cleaning but for now, I’ll say my kitchen!

  35. Debbie Yoder says

    My bedroom needs a deep cleaning! I need to pull out all the furniture,do the blinds,I can see dust bunnies!

  36. Lesly Figueroa says

    My kids bedroom is always a mess fingers crossed ??

  37. Jen Rodrigues says

    Deep clean probably the kitchen since everyone uses and we always cook and I would love to organize everything and clean up everything top to bottom.

  38. Kim Avery says

    I just finished the bathroom this week and after a week of resting I will move onto the kitchen which really needs a super deep clean!

  39. I would have to say the kitchen because it is being used all day every day. We clean the kitchen daily, but it needs a deep clean.

  40. elizabeth miller says

    My entire basement needs a super deep clean. From playroom to workout room and now with the stay at home orders, it has become a huge disaster that needs scrubbed down, cleaned out, a garbage dumpster, and desanitized.

  41. Carolyn D says

    Our kitchen could use a deep clean. Aptive came by last week and sprayed the outside of our house, but due to the pandemic they were not allowed in. It rained the other day and now we suddenly have an ant festation in the kitchen. We made our own bait traps last night using Borax and peanut butter with the hope that the ants would bring it back to the nest and this morning started cleaning the kitchen counters with white vinegar because the smell is supposed to deter them. Everything could use a good wipe down once we get rid of the ants for good and I am sure we need to clean underneath the fridge. Today we’re just making sure that is no crumbs or food of any kind that is easy for them to access, that the floor and counters are clean, etc.

  42. Bathroom!

  43. Jessica Lyn Edwards says

    My bedroom needs a deep clean for sure!!!

  44. ruby wade says

    Kitchen…never have time to do the big cleaning like the rest of the house cause either myself or my hubby is in there cooking!

  45. ruby wade says

    OK 3rd times a charm? just can’t seem to get this response to take? anyway… KITCHEN. never have enough time to deep clean it like the rest of the house cause either myself or my hubby is cooking.

  46. Nancy Smith says

    my LIVING room. It seems to have the most traffic on any given day. It could use a spring uplift and heavy cleaning. Maybe rearranging it as well. I chose the living room too because it is the first room in the house that is seen by our visitors.

  47. My kitchen needs a deep cleaning and all the rooms in my house could use a deep cleaning.

  48. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    My bedroom definitely needs a deep cleaning. Thanks for this opportunity.

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