Small But Mighty Cleansing Device

Small But Mighty Cleansing Device
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With Halloween around the corner, I am reminded of when I was in elementary school and I dressed up as a witch. My mom bought a little set of witch makeup. When we were done trick or treating for the evening, my mom gave me some of her skin care products to wash my face. The next morning, I woke up  to my face having a bad reaction to the makeup or the skincare products. Looking back, I thought it was the skincare products but I really think it was the cheap makeup.

Knowing what I know now about beauty products, I would have used natural makeup or no makeup at all. I would still cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser. Back then, I don’t think natural makeup products were as popular and mainstream as they are now.

Since then, I lean towards natural makeup and gentle skincare products. As a busy mom, I want simple and easy products to use. I love my FOREO Luna 2! It is easy and quick to use to cleanse my face.

Did you know there are more FOREO products to discover?

Meet the FOREO Luna Mini 2:

FOREO Luna Mini 2

Since I have both the FOREO Luna 2 and now the FOREO Luna Mini 2, there are many differences between the two.

First, they both do not offer the same benefits, even though they look the same at first glance. Honestly, I thought they were the same except one was a mini version.

I love using the FOREO Luna 2 for cleansing and anti-aging! One side of the device is for cleansing and other side can be used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also offers a massage and allow your products a better absorption into your skin.

Second, the FOREO Luna Mini 2 is perfect for travel. I love the small version. It is easier for me to maneuver and use on my face. I feel like I can reach around my nose and other hard to reach areas.

Lastly, I use the FOREO Luna Mini 2 when I need a deep clean. Since I cleanse my face morning and evening, I love using the FOREO Luna Mini 2 to help remove my makeup.

FOREO Luna Mini 2 in hand

I prefer using the FOREO Luna Mini 2 because it is easier to hold in my hand. I also get deep clean. I use both sides in the evening when I cleanse my face. I use the back side where the bristles are longer and thicker for a deep clean and then use the other side to get an overall cleanse.

I love that the FOREO devices are waterproof and there is no need to worry about buying replacement brushes. I used another cleansing device and after awhile, the brush head started to stink! I tried washing it. I let device air dry just like I do with the FOREO devices, so I wasn’t doing anything differently.

Following that, I realized I definitely didn’t want to deal with having to buy replacement brush heads.

The FOREO devices are perfect for me!

I’ve been using the FOREO Luna 2 for months now and no issues with bacteria. The FOREO devices are easy to clean and dry quickly.

You can find FOREO on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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