Skincare With Five Ingredients Or Less

Skincare With Five Ingredients Or Less - Fyve Lip Balm and Fyve Melting Facial Cleanser

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It seems as though finding skincare and beauty products gets harder every day. Looking at the labels on the back of bottles becomes quite the event when trying to decipher all of those hard to pronounce ingredients. I try my best to use products that are advertised as natural or vegan but sometimes you have those go to favorites that you just can’t get rid of. For me – those products are my Carmex lip balm and my Neutrogena face wash.

I have the worst time with acne and dry lips and I can never find natural products with clean ingredients that I like.

I had the pleasure of testing a brand that uses FIVE ingredients or less in all of their products and I am hooked.


Fyve Lip Balm

Fyve has a wonderful set of lip balms that have become an everyday essential for me. I have stashed a different flavor in my office, purse, and car. My boyfriend has even taken one to keep with him at work!

The scents are to die for and it glides on smooth. I applied Coconut Lime lip balm before bed and woke up the next morning and my lips were still soft and I still had hints of lime. My absolute favorite scent is cocoa mint; it smells just like an Andes mint.

There are no harsh chemicals and all lip balms are made from a collection of natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, wax, and Vitamin E. These lip balms are never made with more than five ingredients and make wonderful gifts and stocking stuffers.

Fyve also has a facial melting cleanser that has been keeping my oil production at bay.


Fyve Melting Facial Cleanser

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant at first. I mean, how good could it be to rub oil on already oily and acne prone skin? After careful research and reading over the Fyve website; I found that this is a common misconception and that using oil to dissolve oil is a great way to combat acne.

Once again, Fyve has come through with a facial cleanser with no more than five ingredients. This little bottle of Fyve Facial Melting Cleanser packs a big punch. Just one small drop into your palm is enough to cleanse your entire face.

I use this product at night to lift tough grime and gently remove my daytime make up. While using circular motions to rub in the oil, I can actually feel the blackheads loosening and sloughing off. When done, wipe off with a warm cloth such as Fyve’s 100% organic bamboo washcloth and feel that super soft skin! Also good to note is that Fyve products are cruelty-free and vegan!

Want to know other ways to incorporate natural products into your skincare routine? Check out what Angie has to say about awesome products for sensitive skin!

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  1. Zara Plakakis says

    I have started using the coconut lime lip balm as well. Really hooked, and so glad I can grab a product with so few ingredients! I can’t wait to try the newly formulated facial melting cleanser as soon as I finish the current one! Thank you for highlighting small businesses that make a big impact to our sensitive hormones.

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