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Foreo Luna Mini 2
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For the past few years I’ve been using the Clarisonic which I thought got the job done well. That is until I tried my new handy dandy FOREO Luna Mini 2!

This lil baby fits perfectly in my hand and is an enhanced new version of the Luna line with 8 adjustable intensities for your skin cleansing pleasure.

In the mornings I wash my face at the sink but at nighttime I was my face as I’m taking a shower. The FOREO Luna Mini 2 is waterproof but I got a lil worried because of the plug-in hook up that is at the back. Unlike the Clarisonic, where you don’t plug anything in it. The hook up for the FOREO Luna Mini 2 is a little circular hole.

FOREO Luna Mini 2 skincare

I’ve been using it for a little over a month and so far so good! Plus, you only have to charge it every 5 months.

Another difference from my regular Clarisonic is that the FOREO is a nonabrasive silicone brush. The silicione bristles are so soft and gentle, I dont even like to call them bristles because “bristles” just sound harsh but I can’t figure out another word for them. You can see what I’m talking about with the picture below.

FOREO Luna Mini 2 skincare

Also there’s no more needing to go out and buy $25 replacement brush heads every 3 months or less. You’re going to spend the money up front but there’s no need in buying any replacements afterwards so you actually save in the long run.

You can easily clean your Luna Mini 2 device by simply running it under warm water and soap then air dry.

I handed down my Clarisonic to my teenaged daughter until I go out and purchase one for her own FOREO Luna.

I’m loving my new found cleansing friend.

Foreo Luna Mini 2

Here are my pro’s and con’s of my Luna Mini device.

5 months’ worth of charging power
No need for replacement heads
Travel friendly
8 different settings

Buttons are slightly hard to press
Now on to the new FOREO cleansers…

Foreo’s DAY/NIGHT Cleanser

Foreo Luna Mini 2

Just like the minimum amount of times you brush your teeth, once in the morning when you wake up then again before you go to bed is when I do my facial cleansing as well.

FOREO has come out with Day and Night cleansers suited for our skincare needs.

In the morning time, you want to feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever the world throws at you and then at nighttime you want to wash away what the world threw at you with the exposures of all of the pollutants, dirt and impurities.

FOREO Luna Mini 2 skincare

They are designed to use with the FOREO Luna devices for the T-Sonic activation. I’ve been using the cleansers with my awesome aquamarine FOREO Luna Mini 2.

The cleansers’ formula and ingredients are activated by the T-Sonic pulsations from the Luna devices so they can penetrate deeper into our skin and becomes either a milky or into an airy foam depending on which one you’re using.

The FOREO Awakening Radiance Yogurt Day cleanser is enriched with fruit extracts and probiotics that transforms from a creamy yogurt into an airy like foam. It wakes you up, illuminates and protects the skin in the morning.

It has mandarin, bergamot, and apricot fruit extracts to purify and hydrate, yogurt probiotics and Vitamin C moisturizes and protects the skin against the daily impurities.

I love using this one in the morning because of the citrusy scent. It just awakens my senses and my brain automatically distinguishes citrus with morning time.

My skin feels refreshed and moisturized. It doesn’t dry out my skin nor does it make my skin tighten up after a while like other cleansers. I’m lovin’ this one!

I really don’t have to put moisturizer on my face before I put on my makeup primer. I sometimes use my MAC Strobe Cream if I want my face a little more glistening but I don’t have to put on a separate daily moisturizer.

The FOREO Celestial Melting Gel Night cleanser is a silky gel and then turns into a milky substance. It’s infused with meteorite powder, moringa extract and almond oil for a gentle cleansing.

This cleanser has METEORITE powder to detoxify our skin. How awesome is that? This stuff is literally OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I wonder if Superman or Super Girl uses this cleanser. On the big screen, their skin is always flawless.

I’ve used this on days where I have a full on face of makeup, nothing on, or after workout sweaty face and it’s a nice way to end my day when I wash my face with this night cleanser. It doesn’t foam up but it turns into a milky like substance that just melts away my makeup.

With any new skincare products that I use, I always get a little anxious because I worry that my skin will breakout, but NOT with these!

My final thoughts…Just go out and get these! That’s all I can really say!

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