Sizzling Outdoor Summer Essentials

Sizzling Outdoor Summer Essentials-The Grommet-Things Remembered Personalized Products

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Summertime is awesome because it means longer days and spending time pursuing outdoor pleasures. This year I’m strutting my stuff at the pool and the beach in style for sure with some nifty new items from The Grommet® and Things Remembered.

For some time now I’ve been looking for a new swimsuit coverup. I really liked my old one, it was navy blue, sleeveless, zipped up the front and had a hood and pockets that came in handy at the beach or pool for carrying lip gloss, a wide toothed comb, a little cash and my cell phone.

It’s important that my hands are still free to carry all the other stuff we take to the pool like a bag with towels, extra sunscreen and goggles, bottled water, a book to read, pool noodles or whatever other stuff is being brought with us.

The Grommet-Coolibar Cabana Hoodie and SunLily Roll-n-Go Sun Hat

After a long search which turned up several possibilities that just didn’t have everything I liked about my old coverup, I found the Coolibar Cabana Hoodie at The Grommet®. It’s got everything, it even has long sleeves which was the only thing I wish that my old one had. And the kangaroo pockets are plenty deep to hold anything I may need to stash in them.

Materials it’s made from include 70% cotton, 25% viscose from bamboo, and 5% spandex. Best of all, this hoodie offers UPF 50+ sun protection and is made using zinc oxide-embedded fabric that blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays. The hood offers additional head and neck protection.

The Grommet-Coolibar Cabana Hoodie


How a swimsuit coverup fits and feels on my skin is very important. If it’s not comfortable I will not wear it, period. This hoodie is not only roomy enough to move around and sit comfortably in, it’s also lightweight and super soft on my skin. I couldn’t be more pleased to have added it to my wardrobe!

The Grommet-SunLily Roll-n-Go Sun Hat

I’ve never had a sun hat before, not for lack of looking. The ones I’ve tried on while shopping just haven’t looked good on me. Now, I have two to choose from, including the SunLily Roll-n-Go Sun Hat. I like this one particularly because it will be great for days that may include both sunny and overcast weather.

Depending on the need, I can unroll and wear it, or roll it up and stash it in my tote bag and not have to carry it. The strap that contains the hat while rolled snaps onto the band area to complete the look of the hat. I like that it isn’t left to just dangle off the side of the hat while it’s being worn. Colors available are Coral (shown here), tan, navy, or black.

If personalized items are your thing, you might check out Things Remembered Personalized Products. Among the many, many products available are the Corkcicle Stainless Steel Canteen, Striped Beach Towel, and Straw Floppy Hat.

I love the personalization option that is available. It leaves no question as to whom an item belongs. Not only that, even if personalization isn’t something you want, many of the products available from the company are different than those you might find in local stores in your area.

Things Remembered Personalized Products


The Straw Floppy Hat is 22” around the head with a 5” brim. It’s lightweight, breathable and very flexible (good in case you want to tuck it into your beach bag when not in use). I chose the color Natural, but it comes in black, navy and pink, as well. Personalize the brim with your initial(s), or not, as you prefer.

Hydration is very important when spending time participating in outdoor activities. I have to have a cold drink close at hand when outside. The Corkcicle 25 oz. Stainless Steel Canteen not only looks totally chic, it’s got a lot of other great features going for it, too. It’s reusable to minimize waste, triple-insulated to keep cold drinks up to 25 hours or hot ones for up to 12 hours without any condensation on the outside of the bottle, a wide mouth opening for ease getting ice in and flat sides for easy gripping.

Things Remembered Personalized Products---Stainless Steel Canteen

I guarantee no one else at the pool will have one like it, but you can still personalize it with your initials if you like. As well, if this is an item you’d like to provide to multiple people, the personalization can consist of a date, the name of a special event or any message you’d like to request. I chose the Turquoise canteen but it comes in many other colors: Black, Brushed Steel, Pink, Riviera Blue, and also White.

Any outing that is near a body of water means you need to bring a towel with you. I love this Striped Beach Towel because first of all, it’s huge (measuring 35” x 60”)! Plenty big enough to cuddle up in if you get out of the water and it’s chilly out or if you want to lay out on the beach with a drink and a book. Also, it’s thick, soft, and highly absorbent 100% cotton.

Things Remembered Personalized Products---Stainless Steel Canteen-Floppy Straw Hat-Striped Beach Towel

My husband is SO jealous of my personalized towel! Guess that means I’ll have to get him one, too. I chose the turquoise one for myself. I would get the Royal Blue towel for the hubby. You can also choose from other colors: Lime Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow.

You really have to visit Things Remembered to see all the wonderful items they have available. I spent some time on their websit and saw everything from coconut pulling oil to shoe shine kits, toys to home goods, travel items to tech gadgets and so much more. I spent at least two hours perusing items on their site and have a list of at least a dozen products that I’d like to have for myself or to give as a gift to friends or family.

What item(s) do you consider to be a summer essential? Which items from The Grommet® or Things Remembered would you love to have?


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  1. Love the Straw Floppy Hat, I would wear that too.

  2. Dana Matthews says

    Considering how hot it has been already this summer, the hat is a definite YES! I love big hats! These are cute items.

  3. Elisha Santana says

    Love embroidery on anything!

  4. kristamiller5425 says

    I would love that cover up. Sunscreen is a summer essential.

  5. Kelly Kimmell says

    Love the sun hats, so cute. Sunscreen is my most important summer essential.

  6. tat2gurlzrock says

    I love the whole set. The towel is super cute!

  7. denise low says

    I would love the pink hat. I have very light skin and I need to protect my head.

  8. Melissa Storms says

    I need to personalize a beach towel for myself. I don’t know that it would keep everyone else from using it but it is worth a try.

  9. Rosie says

    I love these hats! Sun hats are my summer essential. I make them, but I also would love to buy them, but I just got more material to make another! I like to make sure they have enough of a brim to help keep the sun off my face and neck.

  10. Love the monogrammed towel. These are great things to bring with you to the pool or the beach.

  11. Bryan Vice says

    I’m a firm believer if ya going to go out.. go out in style love all of this the hat and the outfit!

  12. Elizabeth M. says

    This beach cover up looks like the perfect solution of what to where over a bathing suit. I was questioning whether it would be hot, but since you said the fabric is light weight it makes me think it wouldn’t be

  13. Melissa Storms says

    I really like the hoodie and the hat. I like that you can roll up the hat and store it in a bag whenyou don’t want to wear it.

  14. Love the hat and hoodie 🙂

  15. Debra Holloway says

    I am not fond of stripes that go around in a design, they do not look good on me. However, I love the embroidery work on the other items.

  16. Im in love with this hat! We live in florida, so these items are essential year round for me.

  17. I really love the hat and towel. Here in Georgia it is so, so humid and hot so hats are always essential!

  18. denise low says

    Thank you for sharing. I would for sure need the hat.

  19. patty.wright says


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