Show Off Your Naturally Flawless Skin

Show Off Your Naturally Flawless Skin
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Dry Skin. Oily Skin. Normal Skin. Combination Skin. Each skin type offers its own challenges, especially when it comes to choosing a foundation.

As someone with dry skin, I need my foundation to hydrate my skin, not stick to dry patches, and provide me with a nice healthy glow. I’m not into heavy coverage. So, I gravitate towards natural/light or medium coverage. I want my skin to look like my skin, only better; ideally flawless.

Like most people with dry skin, I gave up using powder foundation a long time ago.  My dry skin can’t handle it. Now the only powder I use is blush, highlighter, and bronzer. And if my foundation isn’t hydrating enough, even those products can look patchy.

Mally 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation Fair

When I was first offered the chance to try the new Mally 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation I hesitated. Although I’m a fan of Mally Beauty, and own many of her products, this was a powder foundation after all. But as I read the product description, I couldn’t deny my curiosity.

The Mally 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation checked off so many of my boxes for what I want in a foundation. First, it provides natural-looking coverage. Secondly, it’s formulated with aloe leaf extract and coconut oil, which means it provides hydration, evens skin tone and gives that glow I love. And bonus, it’s designed to melt into your skin.

Available in five shades, from Fair to Rich, it’s ideal for us pale girls, as well as those with darker skin tones. As usual, I chose the lightest shade available. At first glance, I appreciated how Fair wasn’t too pink or too yellow. It actually matched my skin tone pretty well.

Mally 4k Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation Swatches

Next came the ultimate test. Would the Mally 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation actually blend into my dry skin. Would it accentuate my pores? And how would it wear throughout the day?

Because the foundation is very finely milled it blends in like a dream. It’s so creamy and light. My skin looked like my skin, only with a more flawless radiance. While it provides a natural coverage, I had no problem building it up in areas that need more coverage.

The foundation didn’t irritate my skin or causing itching, which sometimes happens with my dry, sensitive skin. The wear time is also impressive. I first tried it out for my bday celebration and it looked great, even after a few cocktails. It also lived up to the ridiculous 90+ degree temperatures we’ve been having all summer long.

Mally 4K Ultra Fantasy Foundation Wear

I have to say, I’m excited to add the Mally 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation, available at QVC, to my foundation collection.  I can’t believe this dry skin girl has finally found a powder foundation that performs so beautifully on my skin.

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  1. I haven’t heard of Mally. I haven’t used a powder foundation in for sometime, but I’m totally opened to it. I use to love my MAC powder foundation.
    Thanks for sharing your review. 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard of Mally either. I am not a big fan of foundation only because I can’t find one that matches my skin tone. I am almost florescent!

  3. terristeffes says

    Hmmm. I never wear foundation of any type due to my dry skin. Maybe I can start again!

  4. I’m not a big foundation person, mostly because of the heavy feel or the ewww.. rubs off on your clothes. I tend to use concealer in places I want covered then go to town with a bronzer LOL! I hadn’t heard of Mally but definitely sounds like it’s worth looking into and trying.

  5. I love a good foundation that lets your natural beauty shine through. So many foundations cover up too much and cake on.

  6. Foundation can be so tricky! It sounds like you found a great one though, hooray for a powder that works with dry skin!

  7. I am starting to give up on makeup. It doesn’t last all day. It settles into my fine line and wrinkles making them look worse (I am only 35 so it isn’t many, but they are there), and it does seem to dry out my already dry skin. I would like to give this a try but I am tired of wasting my money, ya know? I will have to think about this!

  8. It sounds like a great foundation. I just bought a new one but will have to look into this.

  9. Wow you are gorgeous and that makeup really did nicely. I’m not much into makeup but love to see the transformation it makes on others.

  10. Its great that the foundation lasted. I have combination skin but it is mostly oily. I just brought a new foundation and its demi- matte and adapts to your skin tone. It is brilliant!

  11. I never heard of this brand, mally beauty, before but it looks like a good find. Very natural on you! I wonder if it would hold up well for skin that tends to get oily by the end of the day.

  12. Looks fabulous! I’ll have to check out this brand. It’s new to me! 😉

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