Revamp Your Beauty Routine

Revamp Your Beauty Routine

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Are you ready to revamp your beauty routine? We think the best time to do this is with every season change!

It is always so refreshing to go through your beauty stash and decide what needs to go to make room for new items! It is also a great excuse to buy new stuff, right?

Benefits of Beauty by Nature-ArtNaturals Hair Masks-Coconut & Lime Hair Mask

Hair masks are a wonderful new type of product that’s been getting a lot of press in recent months. Hair can get dry and frizzy from wintertime weather. Beauty by Nature Artnaturals offers two awesome hair masks that are helping women to revamp lackluster locks, no matter the cause. Their Argan Oil Hair Mask and Coconut & Lime Hair Mask are sulfate- and paraben-free, cruelty-free and jam-packed with nourishing ingredients that your hair needs!

Benefits of Beauty by Nature-ArtNaturals Hair Masks

I couldn’t be happier about that because before I started using these masks I was seriously considering going to the salon and having at least eight inches lopped off to get rid of the damaged ends of my own hair. I’m still going to get a few inches trimmed off, but now I get to keep the bulk of the length. I love the Argan Oil mask, but I have to say I’m pretty partial to the Coconut & Lime mask because I’m a total beach bum and love anything that smells like a beach or tropical getaway.

This thick, rich formula is very easy to work into hair and goes to work right away restoring softness and silkiness to hair that is dry, damaged, over-processed or otherwise weakened. It’s great for all hair types to bring back the shine, hydrate, and restore elasticity to make your hair manageable again.

Macaron for Hair

When we are out and about as a family, I find myself bringing a few beauty staples in my handbag! I always carry a little mirror, lip balm, lip gloss, and brush-on sunscreen. Now, I can add a cute mirror and brush!

Meet the Macaron for Hair!

Macaron for Hair upclose

As you can see, the Macaron for Hair is a compact size mirror and brush combo that is perfect to carry in your handbag. I find them to be very handy to use as a mirror or brush or both. Now I don’t need to carry a separate mirror.

And this little mirror is great to give your teeth a quick peek to make sure they look their best on-the-go, too. My go-to teeth whitening product for the last couple of years has been Luster Premium White 2-Minute White Dental Whitening Treatment. I used to use a whitening mouthwash, and it’s still great as a daily maintenance for whiter teeth. But, I love the quick results that I get from using Luster Premium whitening products for a bit of a deeper occasional boost.

Luster 2 Minute White Dental Whitening Treatment

Shown here is about twice the amount of neutralizing cleanser (the blue liquid) then you really need to use in step one of the process. It foams upon impact with saliva, so it expands. When I first started using it, I used too much and quickly realized that I needed to cut back. You only need about a tablespoon, enough to coat the front teeth when swishing.

After about 10 seconds, spit it out and then move on to step two, shaking the tube of whitening serum before squeezing it out onto the brush applicator. Then just brush it on the front six teeth top and bottom of your mouth one at a time squeezing out more serum as needed to coat the teeth. After allowing the serum to dry for about 30 seconds you can close your mouth and allow your lips and tongue to touch the teeth. After ten minutes of stain-fighting you can rinse your mouth out with water if you wish.

Luster 2 Minute White Dental Whitening Treatment

I use this system about every 2-3 months, as needed, to keep my teeth nice and white for a great smile. It’s the least I can do since my mom spent a small fortune on braces to straighten them when I was a teen! You can find Luster White products at most major retailers such as Target, Walgreens, and Walmart, among others. They even have a system available that utilizes a light wand for added whitening power.

Women love this system which is a 2017 recipient of the Women’s Choice Award. For more information about Luster White, you can check out our full review.

Matte Lips Volumizer

Cherry Blooms is a brand we’ve covered before if you’re looking for makeup that lasts during the hot summer months, you’ll find our recommendations.

We’ve heard about the brand of lip gloss that stays on all day. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dying to try that brand. When Cherry Blooms introduced their Matte Lips Volumizer, I was curious! I choose Pink Coral thinking it was a light/medium pink color. It is far from being a subtle color. It is very bold and dark! My husband noticed it right away!

The Matte Lips Volumizer has the staying power but it does come off when you drink a beverage (the color leaves a print where you touch your lips). However, I find myself not needing to reapply my lip balm throughout the day. It keeps my lips feeling hydrated. There is also no need to reapply the Matte Lips Volumizer throughout the day. One full application lasts all day.

Caboodles On-The-Go Girl Classic Case flat lay

Do you remember Caboodles from your childhood? I sure do! I still have my original Caboodles! Do you? To this day, I still use mine! I also have another that I used as a pencil case/box for school. These days, I use it to store various coins and knick knacks.

Meet the new generation: Caboodles On-The-Go Girl Classic Case

Caboodles On-The-Go Girl Classic Case

As you can see it is new generation is the same size as the original!

The differences between vintage vs new:

The latch has a different design
The mirror clicks close
There’s an inner (removable) tray
It looks cleaner and shiny

Don’t get me wrong, I love my vintage Caboodles. The plastic is thicker, as opposed to the new generation the plastic is thinner and see-through. The vintage Caboodles definitely feels sturdy and heavier compared to the new generation.

Regardless, I am so thrilled to have both versions! I tend to have a lot of makeup, so it will be nice to have more storage for my beauty tools and products!

Nerium Face and Body Care

I’ve seen Nerium all over social media. If I had the time and energy, I would consider signing up as a brand partner! I’ve been in direct sales for years around the time I met my husband and a few years after we got married. Direct sales was a big thing back then. I was never that great with selling products to friends and family.

I am so thankful I discovered blogging. This allows me to try new products without having to sell them.

I have no affiliation with Nerium. I was sent their brand new product IllumaBoost™ Brightening & Shield. I also wanted to try the Nerium Firming Cream. I’ve been using both products for over a month now.

ILLUMABOOSTâ„¢ Brightening & Shield

I love trying new skincare products! The IllumaBoostâ„¢ Brightening & Shield is extremely easy to use. You can easily use a few pumps of the product with your current skincare.

For me, I use two pumps along with my moisturizer twice a day. I use it every morning and evening.

After looking at my before and after pictures, my skin looks and feels hydrated. With our hot weather, the IllumaBoostâ„¢ Brightening & Shield helps keep my skin protected.

Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream

I’m going to be honest about the Nerium Firming Cream. First, it does work, if you combine it with healthy eating and exercise. I found that when my son and I went for our walks several times a week, the cream does help. However, when we weren’t walking, I didn’t notice a difference with the cream.

If you are going to invest in the Nerium Firming Cream, be sure to combine (at minimum low impact) exercise, even if it’s walking, yoga or even pilates!  You can purchase both products at Nerium.

Caboodles can be purchased at ULTA Beauty, Amazon, Target, and Walmart.  

Cherry Blooms website / Facebook / Twitter
milk + sass website / Facebook / Twitter
Caboodles website / Facebook / Twitter
Beauty by Nature artnaturals website / Facebook / Twitter
Luster Premium White website / Facebook / Twitter


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    There are a lot of wonderful looking products in this post. I want the macaron and a new generation Caboodles for sure. I wish I still had my original.

  4. I am very stoked about the Luster Premium White! Can I say I have never liked the strips! This sounds easy to use with great results. I’ll be adding it to my beauty routine.

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