Popcorn For Your Busy Lifestyle

My son and I love our snacks. When I’m craving something, I go for crunchy snacks! When it comes to snacks, we want flavor without feeling weighed down. We’re so excited to share popcorn for your busy lifestyle! Seriously, the perfect snack for your family!

Popcorn For Your Busy Lifestyle

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It seems we’ve been so busy and on-the-go these last few weeks. We’ve been making up with doctor’s appointments, running errands, and everything else. I like to pack snacks with us just to help with boredom and hunger! 

Monster Pop comes in individual snack packs that are lightweight and fit in your purse, handbag, or tote bag

What I love most about Monster Pop is that it is healthy and natural. It’s made with only four ingredients, including whole grains and real butter. In other words, nothing fake here! 

Quick facts for the parents: 

• Monster Pop is gluten free, non-GMO, and kosher, and does not contain trans fat, added sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial ingredients.

• Monster Pop comes in two delicious kid-friendly flavors with fun monsters representing each: meet Bud for Big-Time Butter and Cas for Cheeseriffic Cheese.

Monster Pop Popcorn comes in two flavors: Big-Time Butter and Cheeserific Cheese.

Picky kid approved snacks

As soon as I put the popcorn in a bowl, my son was right by my side helping me enjoy it! He eventually took the entire bowl to eat for himself. 

Monster Pop on the stairs

I originally wanted to enjoy our Monster Pop at the pool, but I had a feeling my son would eat them all before we even arrived! Instead, I managed to snap a quick photo as he enjoyed the popcorn in his hands! 

My son is the most pickiest eater ever. For him to love Monster Pop popcorn so much says something! We will be buying this brand now. I love that this is a healthy snack for us to indulge on! 

Back to school snacks

I remember coming home from school. My brother and I would raid the cabinets for snacks! With my son, it’s the very same thing. He loves to check the cabinets to see what new snacks and food we have.

Monster Pop back to school

My son returns to school in just a few weeks. Monster Pop will be a mainstay in his snacks for school. While I don’t pack a lunch for him, I do help provide snacks for the classroom. The Monster Pop Popcorn is perfect as an after school snack!

Movie nights snacks

When it comes to our movie nights, we love snacks! We have the popcorn, candy, and beverages ready! We also aim for comfort. Depending on the weather, we have the windows open for the fresh air or cuddled under the blankets with plenty of pillows. We also relax in our favorite pajamas for extra comfort!

Monster Pop ready to eat

We prefer watching our movies at home so we can pause as needed! It just allows us the freedom to get more snacks, take a break, or just do what we need! 

How do you enjoy movie nights with the family? 

Where to purchase

You can purchase Monster Pop Big-Time Butter Popcorn on their website. Save 25% on any product on their website with promo code MOMSMEET25. Expires 10/31/21.

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