PFP Fidget Sensory Play Set is A Must on Your Gift List

PFP Fidget Sensory Play Set is A Must on Your Gift List

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If you have a child that is a sensory seeker, then you know exactly what I mean when I say it is excruciatingly hard to find a gift on the holidays that will actually benefit them. I can buy my son all the toys in the toy aisle that I want, but none of them quite appeal to his sensory seeking behavior. Don’t be fooled though, Play Fun Products Fidget Sensory Play Set makes for the perfect gift for any child, sensory seeking or just looking for a toy that peaks their interest.

Play Fun Products sent us 2 of their Fidget Sensory Play Set‘s and all 4 of my kids have enjoyed the sets in their own special way.

My oldest is 4 and he’s the biggest sensory seeker of all. His sensory seeking tendencies have been evident ever since he was an infant, especially when it comes to sitting down and focusing on tasks at hand. Somedays he just needs to feel like he’s being squeezed all the time, other days he just needs to have his hands or feet moving in some way, but most days he really just has to burn off some extra energy by laughing and playing before he can focus.

Play Fun Products Fidget Sensory Play Set comes with 4 different toys as well as a 3 pocket travel pouch with an attached belt clip and instructions on how to use the included toys in 20 different ways.


The monkey noodle super stretchy string, soft bunny ear, a magnetic marble maze, and illusion spinner with decorative caps are the toys included with this set.

PFP Sensory Play Set Stretchy Noodle String

The monkey noodle stretchy string is this green stretchy “string” that can be stretched up to 8 feet. It reminds me of those stretchy hands we used to be able to buy in the 50 cent machines at the grocery stores EXCEPT the monkey noodle stretchy string is of higher quality and doesn’t break nearly as easily. My oldest 3 have been playing with the monkey noodle for over a week, and you know how rough kids can be on toys, but it has stood up like a champ. I have to admit that this item is probably the favorite out of the four toys included in the Play Fun Fidget Sensory Play Set. My kids love to stretch it, roll it between their hands, make shapes out of it, pretend its spaghetti when they pretend to play and so much more.

PFP Sensory Play Set Soft Bunny Ear

Another item in the Play Fun Fidget Sensory Play Set is the super soft bunny ear. As you can tell in the image above, this bunny ear has a pocket on one side that your finger can easily fit in and the opposite side has the soft fur you would expect to find on a stuffed animal. Soft, comforting, and FLUFFY. I really like how well made the soft bunny ear as made as well as the comforting factor it can provide for those who seek this type of sensory stimulation. We usually play with as a tickle monster type of toy BUT there are children who actually could benefit from the texture and stimulation it can provide.

PFP Sensory Play Set Illusion Spinner

An extremely popular item included in the PFP Sensory Play Set is their illusion spinner a.k.a fidget spinner. I have seen fidget spinners in the news, on the shelves at the grocery store check out line, and even in the therapy office that my son goes to. I actually have never messed with one before receiving PFP’s Sensory Play Set so I was unsure of the appeal behind it. After playing with the illusion spinner though, I can certainly see the appeal. It keeps your mind feeling like your body is in motion which helps those who constantly need to be on the move, to focus. The Illusion Spinner also helps keep their constant motion discreet while in the classroom or any other place where one’s constant motion could be a distraction. The Illusion Spinner is a fun toy that my toddlers got a kick out of since they had never seen one and they loved the “illusion” this fidget spinner provides when we added on the decorative caps. My kids insist it is MAGIC! Who am I to crush their dreams so early in life? The light in their eyes and smiles on their faces are something I Deeply treasure, so magic it is!

PFP Sensory Play Set Magnetic Marble Maze

The final item found in the PFP Sensory Play Set is the magnetic marble maze. Inside of the strategically sewn maze pouch is 2 magnetic marbles that you must move around inside of the pouch for the marbles to meet. Once together they stick together just as magnets do but then you can separate them easily with your fingers and begin the maze all over again. While my kids weren’t very enthusiastic about this item, it mostly had to do with their age. The magnetic marble maze found in the PFP Sensory Play Set, however, is great for working on those small hand muscles for toddlers who need to work with their fine motor skills. The magnetic marble maze is also another great item to help with keeping one’s body in motion while being discreet. The magnetic marble maze fits easily into one’s pocket and is perfect for on the go. Because the material is made from a plastic-y kind of material. it also isn’t very hard to sanitize for those who use it every day with hand sanitizer. I also think it would be easy to wash with soap and water, and then air dried to clean any grime away.

As a parent, I LOVE receiving gifts such as PFP’s Sensory Play Kit. It allows my kids to have fun but it also lets them work on viable skills they will need for long-term use, to work muscles they otherwise wouldn’t use as often as they should, AND because it gets them away from electronics which are always an easy grab in my household. My son also has some sensory issues of his own and we have found that introducing these textures over and over tends to teach his brain that these textures are okay so there’s no reason to go on high alert around them. I know this can be a struggle for other parents with sensory prone children as well. The items in the PFP Sensory Play Set also help with concentration for those who are constantly on the move which is another issue for my son. With Dyspraxia, it can be hard for him to focus at times. Especially where there is a lot of commotion or sensory related things going on at one time. It is also hard for him to sit still and focus when he is learning because his brain just doesn’t process that way and that’s OKAY! PFP’s Marble Maze is a discreet way for him to keep his hands busy in the classroom setting.

Whether you are looking for a gift that is just to help your child focus or as something fun for them to mess around with, you can’t go wrong with the PFP Sensory Play Set. It is a great gift list item for a range of ages. older toddlers to young teens, there is something for everyone!

What are your favorite items for your Sensory Seeker?

Do you have any suggestions on gifts for sensory play?

I am all ears when it comes to appealing to my own sensory seeker’s must-have gift list.

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