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My husband and I have always loved to travel.  When we were dating, we always took weekend trips out of state (2 hours away).  At the time, we were living in Northern California and we loved going to San Francisco, Reno, Las Vegas, and we even took a vacation to go to Disneyland.  Nowadays, we still travel, just not as often.

I love packing.  I am in charge of packing our son’s things and my own things.  My husband can pack in 5 minutes, while I can take between a half hour to a few hours.  I love the idea of organizing what I need to pack and then find a way to make it all fit in our suitcases.

I was sent the Packing Cubes from eBags to review.  I chose one of their newest colors: aquamarine as I am crazy about the colors aquamarine and turquoise.

I love the versatility of each of the bags in the set.  I love the smallest bag, especially as a mom.  I can use it to pack a few snacks and other knick knacks for my son before we head out.  Each bag can be used for specific purposes or just for travel in general.  The possibilities are endless.

The medium bag is great for binders, papers, folders, clothes, laptop, etc.  There are so many uses.

The large bag can be used to pack clothes and so much more.

I enjoyed “packing†each bag and sharing what I came up with.  Afterwards, I hated having to unpack everything.  I was ready to go!  Each of these bags are perfect for every day use as well.  I love the color and quality of the bags!

I cannot wait to go on our next adventure and take the packing cubes with us.  I can certainly use each one during our travels to keep our things organized.

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